Torb rework speculation


Torbjorn now has 150hp and 100 armour
His critbox gets reduced.
He gets a minor speed boost to 6m/s
His reload animation is reworked to be smaller and clutter less of his screen.
And reloads 15% faster

Instead of his regular turrets. He throws down combat mini turrets that have a CD of 3 seconds, have 75 hp and shoot 10 damage shots once per second. It is half the size of his current turret and can’t be upgraded

His ultimate halves his turret’s CD to 1.5 seconds.
His reload speed is bumped up by 50%
And the rest of his ultimate is the same.

I call this the Gunslinger-Torbjorn.

Reason? People really underestimate his gun for some reason.
A 70 damage projectile that has no fall-off and a shotgun mode that does damage on par with Reaper’s?
Also we’re moving power away from his sentry Turret and into the Engineer Torbjorn

Any ideas for how Torb will be reworked when it comes?

Leave Torb’s turret alone.

(Tom Powers) #3

Please don’t forget his mobility buff.


My life is complete.


ima repeat it again…
second turret, second gun, no reload, small bastion on his back shooting, small shield in front of him, and nitro boots that shoot in 8 directions…also added tiny symmetra bot, called, symetro, that teleports torb to his turret!


Torbjörn should be able to biuld an elevator for himself and Ana.


We need some voice lines to fit that as well. Like people always underestimate … nvm we have it already.


I hope the rework isn’t just a few small adjustments and that they don’t pull a Bastion again.


You mean the time they just tacked on Ironclad and called it a good rework when in the next 24 hours they patched it? Or the time they completely neutered him?


Yeah some good thoughts here, I wanted him to be a tank/dps hybrid.


The old over buff, over nerf and then ignore like what they did was positive?

Yeah, that still bugs me


This is all I hope for and IMO all he really needs.
but if they want to give him more hp and armor or increase the amount his armor packs give, I wouldn’t complain.


I’m essentially making a smoller torby, I took his turret and replaced it with a mini-turret that does small chip damage and serves to distract the enemy and charge ult.

He’s gonna be a C O M P A C T D W A R F


Can you guys make this a real in-game thing for April fools?


As much as this is a joke, Torb really needs access to the High Ground…Like with a Jetpack or something.

He needs to compete with Junkrat with this.


Probably wouldn’t be enough to make up for his hilariously inconsistent primary fire.


I’m 110% behind swapping Genji with Torbjorn.

Attack Torb placing turrets on rooftops or walls would be way cooler than a flippy ninja.

Plus, making Genji defense would explain his wonky reflect hitbox.


My guess is that they will give Torb a way to decide targets for his turret. Some kind of control over it.

His turret right now will shoot at the first thing that enters his LOS. Meaning, if a Winston drops bubble, it will shoot at the bubble despite someone else arriving next to the turret to destroy it.


Yes! A blue post on a Torb thread!

Oh, it’s just a meme, nice.


Honestly, I think only the scrap/armor mechanic needs a rework. With Bridgette’s introduction, I think this is the perfect time to change his armor pack ability. I would love if I didn’t have to run into the choke for a scrap scavenger hunt all the time, it just feels wrong. Beyond the armor/scrap, I think he’s great!

The only other change I can imagine happening is to building turret. Change half the turret health pool to armor. Let him upgrade his turret even if some of that armor is missing, so a dva from a mile away cant prevent you from building, it’s kinda silly. It also makes sense that a metal turret would be armored…