Torb mains where you at? 🍻


What are your thoughts on the rework? I think new torb looks awesome!

I’ve been asking for torbs Reload to be faster and I’m so happy the devs looked into that, along with his shotgun speed.

I’m gonna miss healing myself with armor in the middle of a battle and my rockets flying out of lvl 3 turret.

I hope this will help people be more open to having torb on attack. Still accused of throwing when I’m holding on to my 76% winrate this season. It’s hammer time baby :beers:


Torb “main” in Arcade modes.

Everything looks interesting.

Will miss Armour Packs a lot. I usually get cards for armour pack drop uptime and they have saved my team mates and i so many times.

Thank you and good night. :disappointed_relieved:


There’s a lot to be happy about here, reduced headbox and improvements to the weapon are very welcome.

I’m a bit worried about the turret, to be honest. Not freaked out, just concerned. 10 seconds is a long time to go without a turret if it is destroyed… and at 250 health it is going to go down just that bit faster… and without Molten Core (whose primary function IMO is to guarantee the survival of a turret at any time from anywhere on the map)… it is going to be more important to babysit the turret (both with shielding and with Torb repair).

The turret is losing a big chunk of its independence, in other words.

Torb will now have three options broadly speaking:

#1 Babysit that sucker
Keep it shielded and keep your hammer on it (or at least nearby) at all times. Yay, now we all get to play like newb Torbs.

#2 Watch its health like a hawk so that you can Interact/Destroy it before incurring the 10 second cooldown. This is the best option probably, the most skilled option, but also the riskiest. The distraction of having to worry about losing a turret so much more will have a detriment on your focus on the fight. Less so for super-skilled players, but it’s definitely an attention cost.

#3 Let it go. Take the 10 second gaps as they come, and just hope that you can find a place to both a) be contributing to the fight with Torb and b) be in a place where a new turret placement would be beneficial at the 10 second mark. Of course this juggling act is something Torb mains are comfortable with, but the new changes will make this much harder… maybe that’s good as it will better separate good Torbs from mediocre Torbs.

Or maybe #3 will balance out. You might need to leave the center of the fight earlier in order to place a (good) turret (as opposed to a throwaway), but you will be coming back to the fight much more quickly since you won’t have to hammer it up to L2.

TL;DR Torb himself is more powerful, turret requires EITHER more babysitting OR quite a bit more gamesense.


Aye, there seems to be no mention of being able to repair our turret, aye?
Especially since the hammer is gone, how to “just start hammerin’”? :thinking::persevere:


Thank you so much for the detailed reply! I don’t have access to the ptr since I’m on console this gives me good ideas.

I didn’t know the turret has a ten second cooldown? Omg that seems weird but torb himself being more powerful I guess the cooldown doesn’t matter that much!


Anytime someone asks what the FUNNEST ability in the game is, I always answer Armor Packs. I have also often said that Armor Packs are the REAL reason to pick a Torb. Once you get to a critical mass of armor on your team, the successful defense is assured.

It’s a great little minigame to be honest.

First you have the scrap management and collection element, which I actually find quite fun. It’s nice to have something useful to do on the battlefield in addition to just shooting people.

Then the prioritization of Armor Targets. I tend to have preset Armor Depot ‘spots’ on the point where I throw the packs by default. I’m very good at explaining to the team where the Armor Depot is, who should be using it, and when it is refreshed (“two more armor at the depot, guys!”). I often get a lot of appreciation from my team for being so organized about it.

And then there is the tossing. Oh yes, this is a fun skill to be mastered. Tossing a pack correctly onto a Mercy in the middle of a chaotic teamfight (while avoiding it being eaten by a Hog) feels so satisfying. My best toss ever was to a friendly Pharah that just happened to be zooming past me overhead as she sped toward the battle. Nailed her with it at the top of its arc. FELT GOOD.

Anyways, that’s my little love letter to Armor Packs. I will miss them. But I have 100’s of hours on Torb 1.0 and I am totally ready to learn a new Torb 2.0.



Love the potg :joy: and I’m exited too, wait DOES HE NOT HAVE HIS HAMMER ANYMORE WHAT? BIGGEST NERF 2018.

I like seeing the hammer in the killfeed. Meme on friends.


The hammer is still there and you can repair it


Do i count? one day i said screw it and played him in team deathmatch for weekly rewards, i won 9 out of 10 matches, after that i converted for a awhile and played him frequently in arcade but then i went back to playing my favorite turret symmetra.

I still play him here and there because i’m surprisingly good at him.

From the look of things this might be their second successful rework
(the first was and her micro missiles)

Why couldn’t symmetra’s rework be more like this…sigh


Lot more positive responses here than I expected. I guess I should keep a more open mind. I’m actually bummed personally. He seems so much more bland now, he just runs and shoots like any basic DPS, no armor, no scrap, no turret repair. I wanted him to be more engineer personally, build drones, a healing station, help fortify areas. If you want to run and shoot there are SO many other options.

But hey, you guys give me hope, I’ll give it a whirl :slight_smile:


after watching some stuff on PTR he going be nasty and he going counter tank and brigitte with his alt.


It’s actually quite strange and I am wondering what Blizzard is thinking with this (while keeping an open mind).

Turret Place Cooldown 1.0 is 8 seconds.

Turret Place Cooldown 2.0 is 5 seconds. So, I guess if you place a bad one you can place another faster, but that is about the only benefit because:

So, if you lose a turret you lose it for what I would call a LONG TIME. You will likely not get a chance to build another in the same teamfight, or at least not one in what I would call ‘a good spot’. This in itself is going to really change Torb gameplay.

As I said before, I see ways you can mitigate this. But one of those ways is to Babysit that Sucker, which is a style of Torb play that I find newbish and un-fun (no offense meant to anyone that likes playing him this way). The other is to dedicate attention resource to avoiding the 10 second cooldown by destroying the turret yourself with Interact at the last moment.

I’m a humble Bronze4Lifer so take my predictions with more than a few pinches of salt (not that kind, the other kind :slight_smile:)

But I would predict that these changes will force low-rank Torbs into more of a Babysitting stance, and high-rank Torbs into more of a 'Turrets? We don’t need no stinkin’ Turrets’ stance.


I love your view of how torb should be more of an engineer, fortifying areas. They really took away his “builder” aspect with the new turret and taking away the armor packs and scrap (which I will miss greatly). I am staying positive though because if it means I can play him in more situations and be more viable I am ready!