Torb has a better shotgun than Reaper, now


So Torb has now three good ways to do damage:

  • his turret
  • his improved left-click
  • his improved right-click

Not the mention is new overload-ability. Reaper in the other hand has inconsistent left-click and a horrible E-ability.

Reaper will suffer pretty hard from powercreep with the latest buffs on the ptr.


Reaper can flee invulnerable from situations after he gets up and close(with his E), Torb cannot easily do so. Reaper also has a higher base health.

Maybe it’s a personal thing, but I feel as though Reaper’s left click is more consistent than Torb’s right.

As for Reaper’s E, yeah, maybe something could be done about that.



Reaper bodyshot dps: 280
Torbjorn bodyshot dps: ~210

Reaper clip and reload time: 8 shots, 1.5 second reload
Torbjorn clip and reload time: 6 shots, 2 second reload

Reaper shot falloff range: 11-20 meters
Torbjorn shot falloff range: 7-20 meters

They have the same spread, but it’s easier for reaper to hit targets because he has more pellets

Reaper have lifesteal and larger healthpool for self-sustain and one of the best escape abilities and ability to quickly change position for long range (even if shadowstep sucks).

But yeah, reaper still terrible, but you shouldn’t over exaggerate his terribleness


Torb’s spread is a lot better now, it feels easier to hit targets with his shotgun, than with Reapers.


is it reduced or rerandomized? It could have same angle but pellets will form a pattern



Recovery lowered from 0.8 to 0.6 seconds
Total damage per shot lowered from 150 to 125
Reload time reduced from 2.2 to 2 seconds
Spread pattern adjusted and random spread reduced by 50%

Which is kinda insane



oh ok then he is bad


Reaper or Torb?

With Torb you melt a Hog like he is nothing on the PTR right now, just try it.


i was proving that reaper isn’t that bad but you convinced me that i am wrong, so - yeah reaper bad.

Torb is a ton of fun now i love his rework. This patch has only 2 bad things - Brigitte nerf (unnecessary) and Orisa/Rein/Winston new visuals - they obscure vision with strong color


The rework is indeed great for Torb is also enjoy it a lot.

But Reaper will probaly need some improvments in the near future.