Top500 Junkrat main explains in extreme detail why he needs buffs

Either that or he’s having a stroke.

Hey CreamGod…do you smell toast?

Pretty sure the bulk of the McCree community agrees with me when I say McCree should be able to roll mid air.

Then Blizzard went and buffed fth.

That kind of thing is what I’m talking about.

Point made.

I think that’s a terrible idea.

Top500 junkrat main needs buffs?

(sorry, I had to)


For people saying batty ult can help.
Dont add nade damage to your calculations please. It only hits when enemies walk straight to you without any defence or dodge movement. Like Bronze.
He really feels like old Hanzo when he was troll pick and only few lucky shots hit


Aka 140 per direct? :0


Direct impact, you still gotta hit the direct one.


That’s still 140 damage versus 120
Now hecany 2 shot 250 health heros.

Also, this was very good way of balancing as this one will help high ranks but barely effect low ranks since they struggle with his splash more than direct.


Well sounds perfect on paper. But does those frags really hit at all? I am curious about the hit accuracy it has these days. Almost seems like ghost frags


This is significant, now the mine only needs to deal 60 damage. It can still do less than that of course, but the margin for error on it, and thus the effective lethal radius, should spike up significantly from this. The other effect of this change is a significant boost to his barrier and tank busting potential, without killing squishies any faster(outside of the mentioned 250 HP enemies, and possibly enemies being healed).

Honestly, I’m surprised they’re doing anything at all, and I just know that this is going to bring the hatred for Junkrat up to record levels again. So while I’m glad to see a possible buff, I’m still not the most optimistic about it, it still won’t make up for his poor accuracy, and it’s even more cause for people to get upset, which could lead to further “compensation”.


Well, it will make that grenade+mine combo really consistent.


Am I dreaming, they actually changed something?


I think the big thing, rather than him doing more damage to characters, is him doing more damage to shields. He is meant to be a tank buster area denial and this feels like a tank buster buff

So because it sounds more extreme, let’s consider the size change from 0.3 to 0.2. This projectile is a sphere. A sphere with size 0.3 has volume 0.11 and size 0.2 has 0.034. That is an overall size decrease of 69%! No wonder it’d be clipping through hitboxes, and higher projectile speed makes it easier to clip.

Finally jeff listens to us -.-


Too bad I cant play anymore…
my 33% accuracy would do great things with this

also with mercy boost… 182
with new zen boost… 175
is very nice


You still gotta hit directly the enemy and pray that nade wont phase thru their hitbox, but at least now you’re more rewarded for direct hits.

It’ll help mains/onetricks, especially on high ranks (where ppl truly master their heroes), but will not affect much low ranks since splash damage is unchanged.

But i know whiny people still complain when hero who they dont like is not a troll-pick, so the new amount of salt will be poured onto an Australian demolitionist!


Sym and Torb and Bastion among others welcome you to the club…


Also Reaper, Pharah, Doomfist and… Mei?

Among others. Its a support group in reality :wink: