Top500 8 player FFA

First time playing comp FFA and I have no clue if the leaderboards for T500 are bugged or just don’t show. Someone lmk

leaderboards are always empty the first 1-2 weeks.
And FYI, if you arent diamond or higher then you wont ever show up on the leaderboard

Is there even 500 people that play ffa? I always get like a 10 minute que.

you have to be diamond in it, and play a certain amount of games (no clue for ffa) + phone verification for top500

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Yeah I played my 25 games (I assume it’s like regular comp) and I’m 3100 SR rn

It looks like no one shows up, my assumption is not enough players yet

Yeah that’s what I was thinking but I wish it still showed so I could know how much SR I need to get

nah, its the usual thing for the leaderboards to not show anyone for at least the first week, even for limited time modes

Alr thanks for the info