Top Suggested Buff?

I just am curious as to what everyone’s top recommended buff is in your opinions. My top reccomended buff that I have is to give Symmetra more hp in her hp pool. I don’t care if it’s 50 more shield hp or just 50 more general hp in general. She needs more hp from my experience of playing her a couple of games. I even spoken to a Sym main and they agreed with me on this buff for Symmetra.

Now that I’ve had my say, let’s hear your guy’s top reccomended buff! (to anyone in the game)

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Faster weapon swap for Mercy


I actually like that idea (eventhough I think it is already fairly fast, having it be faster to defend yourself on the fly is nice).


Give brig 1 pack and increase health to make her brawly


She doesnt need buffs though.

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Unable to dmg boost dragonblade

Genji is held back a lot bc of nano blade

Dragonstrike can’t be boosted anymore and I think the same would be overall healthy for genji

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Rising Uppercut:

  • Recovery time reverted to .2 seconds from .35 seconds.

Literally every doom player wants this, and I’ve even seen people who don’t play him recommend it.


Genii is easily countered though

0.7s fire rate on Mei or 1.5s freeze time so she can actually be a threat again

  • +50 HP to Brigitte
  • Reduced Orisa’s Fortify cooldown to 8 seconds, Halt radius increased to 5.5 m
  • Zen’s Transcendence has now a cleansing effect on all abnormal statuses (naded, on fire, frozen, stunned)
  • Mei’s Blizzard increase in duration to 5 seconds
  • Bastion: Reconfiguration time reduced to 0.7 seconds, Ironclad reduce abnormal statuses duration by 35%



Im merely saying nanoblade holds him back, not calling Genji uncounterable.

Mercy -

Valkyrie -

Removed beam disconnect on cast.

I doubt I’m the only one.


All Damage heroes: Can no longer be damage boosted. Compensation buffs given where necessary.

Bastion and Doomfist: reworked into tank heroes.

Brigitte and Sigma: also given major reworks so other heroes aren’t kept in worse spots because of them (Baptiste,Orisa,etc).

That wasn’t the question.

Rising Uppercut:

  • Recovery time reverted to .2 seconds from .35 seconds.

Literally every doom player wants this, its not gonna make him strong just more mobile and faster.

Doomfist can not work as a tank unless you make him a ball hog hybrid which is very hard to accomplish successfully.

I actually thought of lowering her packs by 2, but instead of her healing be regen, it was a burst. Same amount overall, 120 hp healed, but you only had 2 packs to use wisely. Was an interesting idea I thought of making a forum for, but ehh, every time I output my ideas, it gets ignored one way or another. It’s actually kinda sad. Also, isn’t giving Brig only 1 pack with no other changes basically a nerf to her? increase hp i get that as a buff, but the other bit’s a nerf.

I kinda thought this too a bit, but was still an interesting idea never-the-less.

Again, isn’t this a nerf and not a buff? I mean, I get what your thinking, but I think there should be some form of buff to coinside with this type of nerf if that ever happens… Just sayin cause I did say top sudgested buffs, and this is a nerf, ironically. But I won’t deny the idea never-the-less, and that is my opinion on the thought. Interesting idea though…

I see the thought and idea behind this, giving him more freedom in the uppercut, actually an curious idea. Experimental, anyone?

I mean, you can stun him for delay, deny his blade with sleep, I get your thoughts, but Genji, even with the counters existing, is very strong. Especially when the Genji player is really good. I’ve heard of Genji being so good, that he can practically 1v6 whole teams cause they’re so good (idk if this meant carry or if we’re talking equal skill levels at say highest ranks and having that much power still). So Genji is counterable, but not to the extents of being terrible (Ult or no Ult).

She actually is a threat currently. In fact, I’ve heard everything is viable outside of Bastion-Sym. But the idea, never-the-less, is actually not too shabby. Maybe not more freeze time, but lower fire rate of right click, I can see it.

  1. Yes please. I like the sound of +50 hp on Brig, even if the meta states everything’s viable.
  2. Fortify’s nice overall, but Halt I say should be 1 whole extra meter, at 6 in total. What can go wrong at 6 meters? (Experimental before live)
  3. This actually makes sense. It just blatantly does. I mean, I know Trans is already one of the most powerful ults in the game, but you just make it even more powerful by cleansing stuff? Why not? Especially with the animation, it looks like it SHOULD cleanse people because of the Iris (whatever the Iris tends to be to the omnics)
  4. Isn’t it already 5 seconds?
  5. I’d say full rework, but still, never-the-less, a curious thought.

I’d disagree, but that’s just me.

A lot of people have asked for this on Mercy. I actually use the disconnection of the beam as a tactic. So, when the beam disconnects, I just throw my beam onto someone else, probably someone that is around the magority of the team to get the most value out of Mercy’s ult, so like Rein. But the whole thought of this I never thought was a bad idea, even when I know I can use my tactic.

  1. No dmg boost to DPS characters is harsh overall. Isn’t DPSes suppose to output, well, DPS?
  2. Idc for Bastion, he’s at the point for a rework, whether it’s reworking him into a DPS or Tank, but Doom, I wanna say, is a bad idea overall… I mean, reworking Doom is a bad idea.
  3. They both are actually, surprising when they both have been hit hard with nerfs, alright to run. As I’ve stated, we’re in a meta where everything but Sym and Bastion are viable. So if Sigma and Brig are alright, why rework them? Just out of curiosity.

Actually, fair, the question does state your top sudgested buff, so…

Didn’t I just read this a few posts ago? (looks back) Yes, I did. You can just read my feedback from that post as my feedback to this post. lol

I’d just leave Doom be in all honesty, since he’s actually in a viable spot. Doomfist tends to have most of his power lie in his abilities, so if he uses everything, or if he gets hacked, or you shut his mobility down in general, then he’s screwed. Not that hard to counter, but his power is still gr8 overall, even if he’s counterable. I mean, 1 punch kill. or even combo with slam and uppercut with basic attacks kills people too… So basically, he’s strong, but not unstoppable.

Make zenyatta’s kick deal 500 damage.

That’d be hilarious. Let’s kick you to outer space! lol. But very much opaf to be real here.

Is it though? I mean think about it, almost every hero can safely engage but play away from him. He has 0 mobility and 0 sustain, if he goes around kicking everyone it’s entirely their fault.