Top Five Forum Posts July August 2018


only actual brits should play for britain (not racist)

(Why) I hate blizzard and/or summer games 2018

$30 Lucio emote = burglary

I’m a ___________main with over hours …and this is what I think about"

So…i left a match today


You forgot the infamous

“This hero is broken! Change my mind”


this beauty of a post <3


“chef, kisses fingers”


hue hue hue


I would truly want to add my list, but then I’d have to link all my posts of this month. I would rather refrain from doing that.


Her range is only _________ meters.
(drops mic)


“My must pick hero isnt good enough” I’m so confused everytime I see that one.


Hanzo is a girl, huh? The more you know…


What’s a July August?


What’s the first one supposed to mean? Only Brits should play for Britain, as in, the World Cup team (which is already the case)? Or London Spitfire? Does that mean only Americans should play for the America-based teams? Only Koreans for Seoul Dynasty? Only Chinese for Shanghai Dragons?


What about my “Who here likes Cats” thread?


Those go on my “actual top 5 best” list