Top 500 role queue bug

I was looking at top 500 for combined role queue in my region and its about 3200 at the bottom and i was like ok easy im 3400 i did my 50 matches and checked the leaderboard filtered it for me boom i have 50 matches and im still eligible but im not top 500 and yes i do have sms on ive been top 500 before thats not the problem and i really don’t wanna play this toxic role queue anymore this needs to be fixed

not a bug ,

“To be eligible for a role-specific leaderboard, players must complete at least 25 games in that role (down from 50 games). To qualify for the combined Top 500 Leaderboard, players must be eligible for all three role-specific leaderboards”
-http s://

your account has 41 tank games 4 dps and 5 support games you are only eligible for the tank role you have to do 21 dps matches and 20 support (exact numbers can be of cause overbuff isnt perfect)

Uhhhhhh dps queue times tho that alone will take me 3 days second thought screw that i literally just waited 15min for a support queue time