👑 Top 500 Coach - AMA

Yes, it is 100% possible. I seldom call out to my team unless there’s something extremely important or I want to try a strat that is super out of the ordinary. Communication is always nice but only when it’s quick, clear, and true.

If you think your team is bad then you have a few options.

  1. Look at both team comps and decide what each team’s win condition is. Make an effort to execute yours and inhibit theirs.
  2. Reevaluate your on gameplay and see what you’re doing wrong. Often times you think your team is playing poorly because you are doing poorly yourself and have extra time to notice how “bad” they’re doing. Notice how your teams don’t seem as bad when you’re popping off and the enemy team is getting rolled.
  3. Ask them what’s going on if there’s unclear problems with them. If they aren’t vocal then you can pay attention to the killfeed to see who is dying to what and then notice where they’re dying. You can solve a lot of problems by being observant.

I have been an OW coach for almost two years now. I have coached everyone from Bronze to fellow Top 500 players. Giving time to “scrubs” is what helps them escape scrubdom.

AMA threads are also always going to have off-topic or joke questions to mock the OP for putting themselves up on a pedestal. I don’t mind either way.


Thanks. I suspected I just wasn’t playing enough and this confirms it. I usually gain 25-29 on a win and lose 17-23 on losses.

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Of course. I’m here to provide a sound second opinion for people to verify their own assumptions or to give suggestions to those who are open to them. If someone doesn’t want to improve then they won’t click this thread, it’s as simple as that.


It sounds to me like your MMR is slightly higher than your SR. The climb will be like that for a while until you get closer to your MMR.

Mine is lower than my SR by a bit so I need to maintain a 60%+ winrate to stay where I am. When the climb starts to slow down you need to continue just the same as you were before. Holding a high winrate will be harder the higher you climb. Having a higher winrate at a lower rank is obviously earier than having one at a higher one.

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Actually, when your rank is above 4200, there is an SR debuff to prevent players from piling up at 5000.


and 3000+ Skill Rating Data and Analysis (now including DCs).

See How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 12) for more detail on the system.


I admit I’m not perfectly familiar with SR changes once you get over low GM. They are all over the place and seem to vary from account to account and player to player. The debuff clears some of that up. The Diamond+ performance removal makes things more simple but also more complicated as well.


high ranked players should need 5 games a day not to not to decayed (masters and up only)

Do you like pineapple on pizza?

I totally disagree. I’m a senior in highschool and while I certainly have the ability to play that number of games every day there’s not always motivation to. Sometimes I get busy and can’t. If a student who has a ton of free time couldn’t make that work then there’s no way anyone with a full time job, family, and other hobbies could make it work.

Decay should be for Master, GM, and Top 500 players only. I agree with you there. The current system is good in my opinion because it’s flexible but also not super loose. My only problem is that Diamond players are held to the same time investments as the best of the best, the literal professionals, and the full time streamers. It’s not fair to them.


I made a thread like this and most of the respones were about if a tree falls in a forest ,does it make a sound

I have a question. I can only play for a couple hours after work and on weekends.

Is it better for me to focus on a single hero (Ana) even if it means I lose some games because a role goes unfilled?

I don’t think I will ever be able to climb if I try and learn several heroes well, I don’t have the time.

If I don’t climb, I won’t learn how to play better. I’ll just keep learning how to play different heroes at my current rank.

Yes. It’s much better to be GM on two or three heroes in a role than to be Diamond on twelve across every role. Filling is one of the biggest reasons people feel hardstuck but they ironically point it out as a sign they should be climbing.


I lost nearly 600 SR last season. What percentage of that do you think was due to sheer incompetence, and what percentage do you believe was bad luck with matchmaking?

EDIT: Please note I’m on console (XBOX) with that mentioned question 2- What is your opinion on the smurfing/boosting/mouse and keyboard users on XBOX

I notice when I come back to Comp after a break it takes 1-2 rounds or games before I stop feeding my brains out on any hero. Is there a way to prevent this other than focusing on positioning to the exclusion of all else?

Follow-up question, can you give me an idea of what you track in game, like specific cooldowns etc, so I have an idea of what I need to improve on?

Last question, callouts. I usually call targets, cooldowns, telegraphed (heavily) ults and flankers when I can. Too much, too little or just enough coms? If too much what to reduce, if too little what to add?

Thanks in advance, and sorry you have to deal with off-topic questions.
You’re a champ bro.

When it comes to losing that much SR in a season there are very few reasons for it. Why is that? Because it’s such a large amount of SR and over such an extended period of time that basically everything is accounted for.

It wasn’t matchmaking because there’s no way you would get put with “bad” teams frequently enough to violently throw you down that far.

I also don’t think it was due to sheer incompetence on your part. I had to immediately check what level you were and I was glad to see you’re not a new player/account because they tend to fluctuate a ton.

If I were you I would ask myself what changed. Something about your playstyle got you to X rank and then something (or several somethings) happened to make your sr X-600. Why wasn’t it X-200? Why wasn’t it X-2,000? Think about that for a while and then once you think you’ve figured it out try and fix it/use it in your gameplay in the future to see if you climb back up.

For example: If I bought a 144hz monitor and shot up 200sr I would then stay there for as long as I had that monitor and wasn’t improving. Say I then go out of town for an extended period of time where I can still play OW but not at 144hz, instead at 60hz. I would drop 200sr and think that it was something outside of me. In this particular example it happens to be outside of the player’s control but most of the time it is part of their gameplay.

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I think a big part was due to flexing to Rein/Zarya as I’m a really good Orisa, but probably just a decent Rein/Zarya. As you can see in my stats for last season my winrate on Orisa was the only one I kept positive.

But I do feel like last season was really bad in terms of players trying to play with the team/join team chat on console, and there were many smurfs, but that’s beside the point, maybe.

Would you rather play in a higher SR with a smaller hero pool or a lower SR with a bigger hero pool?

About how much sr do you gain/lose each match?

Career Silver player here. Need feedback on my 3 mains, anyone really :slight_smile: