Too many thumbstick settings?

Continuing the discussion from Console Aim Assist Changes | Patch 1.28:

I don’t play console Overwatch often, but when I do… I can never get the thumbsticks to feel right.

With the clunkiness of the menus (not picking up where you left off), I honestly feel like, in the short amount of time I’ve played on console, I’ve spent more time in the menus and in the Training Range than I have actually playing the game.

I love customization just as much as the next person, but if something has too much customization, there’s a point where it starts becoming overwhelming and cumbersome, instead of useful.

I know what I want out of my aiming settings.

  • I’ve played 5000+ hours of console FPS games (Halo and Call of Duty).
  • And while I know that there is a thumbstick curve that was directly borrowed from Call of Duty, it’s not clear what those settings are 2 years after that blue post, and from what I’ve tested, it doesn’t quite feel right anyways. So I’m back to tinkering again.

I don’t want to experiment with other things or test out different stick modes, and I don’t want to have to fail at tinkering sliders to achieve what I want. Just give me the Call of Duty sensitivity from World at War (or even better yet, the sensitivity from Halo…)

Can we get controller settings that are verbatim stolen from other tried-and-true console FPS games, and then the additional controls stacked on top of that?

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