TONS of Support Hero Changes! What's Going to Happen Now?


Hey all! I know I’m a bit late to the party, but WOW! It looks like after so many months without a word, we’re finally getting some balance changes for our healers!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this out!

I’m a Mercy main myself, but I’m honestly really excited about these changes! It’s time for other healers to have their own useful moments as well!

What do you think of the changes? Will Mercy still be a must-pick? Will Ana finally see some playtime? Will Lucio be a good pick once again? Will Brigitte fall into mid/low tier with her Shield Bash cooldown reduced?

I’m curious as to what you all think!


Don’t wanna point fingers or anything, but how is it ok for Ana to have a 300 burst heal on her ult when people complain about resurrect?

Nano boost can now 0-100 all squishies (some tanks with bionade) whilst also providing a damage boost/mitigation, but resurrect is an issue?


I think Zenyatta will still be highly picked because of GravDragons.

Which will suppress Lucio/Brig picks.


As long as they keep beating around the bush with these nerfs she is going to remain a must pick.


Because you have to land ult + nade + shot to fully heal a rein while mercy still just hit 1 button for the same end result no ult required.


soo many ppl actually give a crap. awesome


Because she is not bringing anyone back to life like that stupid heal bot. Buffs to skill required supports is welcomed by me.


People that hate ressurect is because they are frustrated it canceled their kill, it still 30sec per rez so if you cant make more than one kill per 30sec I think the problem is somewhere else.
Guys take a back, 1 rez per 30sec, does it really make win or loose a game ? It help yes but the result depend of the overall teamwork, not just a single rez…
Or maybe learn to kill the healer behind the guys you’re focusin on, I laught often when I see people fighting forever my mate, the one that I’m healing and don’t even care about me, love the “tunnel effect” xD
A rez on point is strategic yes, like anyultimate or simple baits.


Grav/Dragons got nerfed, with a much smaller radius on Zarya’s Graviton.

I think Snipers are the biggest losers with these patch notes and Dive heroes the biggest winners.

Mercy can no longer outheal Winston, and both Hanzo and Widowmaker got the CD on their mobility options reduced (1s for Leap, 2s for Hook), making Diving them much easier.

Zarya got Graviton size reduced, which hurts the power of Grav/Dragons, especially with Mercy being unable to boost it to burn through Transcendence now.

Brig got her shield buff nerfed, solid enough indirect buff to Dive heroes.

Wrecking Ball will be introduced in Comp probably around the same time, a solid answer to Snipers.

Lucio’s buffs are pretty huge, and this will greatly benefit healers who rely on his synergy, like Moira and Ana.

Ana’s Nano-Boost makes it much safer on squishies and insanely powerful on Tanks, with it essentially being a Lay on Hands now.

Moira’s buffs don’t really mean anything. If she did nothing with her RMB, it changes it from taking 45 seconds to fully charge her LMB to 37.5. Not exactly gamebreaking.

The buffs on the current PTR will make Soldier, McCree and Mei far more attractive relative to Snipers.

Overall I think the changes on both the current PTR and the one that’s upcoming are steps in the right direction. Whether they’re enough to change the meta on their own is a different question, but at the bare minimum they’re closing the gaps between comps effectiveness, and we’ll see a significant dip in how good Double Sniper is, especially against Dive.

Also as a side-note, it’s gunna be sad days being a Pharah, with reduced Mercy healing AND a massively stronger McCree and Soldier.


Lucio is dead, just have the funeral. He is more effective as a DPS character than a healer, and not one of his issues is being addressed. He is getting an increased aura that means that players can move literally one step further from him, and the ult he cannot get off in time for burst damage will fail to protect for more damage now.


I still think there should be a reliable way for a team to escape grav before a dragon would kill them.


Buffing Sym’s TP activation time would probably help with that.