Tone back power creep?

Can we just tone it back please Blizzard? Stop this endless cycle of buffing heroes to bring them in line with other ones you buffed last? It just makes everything go out of control.

You ended up with insane amounts of healing after buffs so nothing would die. So you buffed damage and nerfed shields. Now you nerf heals finally but leave the damage buffs coming. Just revert a lot of them. Instead of bringing others up bring the over performers down.

The end result is ridiculous spammy gameplay where you NEED double shields and offtanks become unplayable. Otherwise nothing will stay alive.

Bringing everyone in line would enable hog, dva, ball to actually be played more. It would also allow other dps characters to be played that are neglected beyond belief. This also saves you the time and effort of having to rework multiple heroes and ruining their identities because they suddenly become more viable with existing kits. Not perfect but at least playable.

alternatively, they can choose the pokemon route and buff everything until dpses have 800 hp and tanks have 3000 hp

seriously thou pls tone down power creep


Everyone, forums, reddit, youtube want that. Yet Blizzard still isn’t doing anything…

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They don’t even think power creep exists.

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