Tomorrow's Contenders matches

Can any fellow EU friends ensure me that these matches will start at night, right?
I just want to be 1000% sure so I know I won’t miss out on more watch time for the Contenders skins :slight_smile:

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According to The Time Zone Converter the match should start at 9 PM UTC. Also note, I have started a new Twitter feed specifically for posting alerts and deadlines for live streams, promotions and seasonal events called @dropswatch. If you follow it and turn on Notifications :bell: for that feed, you will be alerted immediately every time an eligible Contenders match to earn drops from goes live.

@Dropswatch is operated by myself and not an official social media profile for Blizzard.


Thank you! I wasn’t sure what time as the schedule on the contenders homepage stops at the 12th of October with no further dates.

[Edit: Nevermind, I just found out there’s sub headings for Schedules so I think I’m sorted!]

Sounds like you were only viewing the Australian region matches which that region completed its tournament. Make sure you are toggling through the regions (the Contenders site separates the schedule by region). Alternatively, I maintain the schedule in chronological order on this forum post:

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Yup, just figured that out! Honestly I’m so dumb about some things!