Toggle-able Crosshair Accurate 3rd Person Camera

There’s no “setting” to do that; it’s more a matter of changing the camera positions and probably making a way for people to toggle it (probably just hit interact again). I had been experimenting with an “above the player” type of 3rd person camera back when I was first working on this. I scrapped it because, while it works (and is do-able), some heroes have obtrusive jumping animations, like Lucio, most of the tanks, Pharah, and Bastion is a nightmare.

So yeah I scrapped it. It also makes vertical “snapping,” you know the bug where looking at close objects and then far objects snaps your camera? yeah it makes that, from a vertical perspective, extremely annoying. The shoulder camera is less offensive in both the vertical sense and horizontal sense.


For some reason Blizzard doesn’t want me to be able to respond to people in seperate replies so I will have to do it here instead…

I don’t know where you get the impression that the camera would never be updated. I updated it for Sigma back when he came out, and Baptiste and all that. The camera is finished. There is nothing else for me to do, besides making it less burdensome on rules (lost interest cause I hate OW now) or implementing some kind of “laser sight” mechanic so it’s easier to tell what you’re shooting at (couldn’t before because there was no laser effect in the workshop but now there is. However, again, I hate OW, and the less I play the game the more I keep my sanity so I’m only gonna do it if enough people ask me to).