Todays devs response to powercreep is Heartbreaking

Ive been saying this for years :joy:

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Dafran thinks soldier is awful and he is probably the best soldier to touch the game

He climbed to 4500sr, with soldier in like 2 weeks as soldier only.

It is most deff us being bad at soldier. If soldier was as weak as everyone would like to say he would just get stomped after a certain sr.

Like “This is why the devteam doesn’t post on the forums”? :wink:

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Go watch the vod of him doing it and watch everything he had to do to even get wins, He said on multiple occasions that it felt like he wasnt doing anything and that any other hero would of had more impact

Lemme get this straight:

Healing powercreep exists despite Mercy, Moira, Ana and Brigitte healing per second being directly nerfed…

But overall powercreep, aka damagecreep, does not exist regardless of characters like Hanzo getting 4k more damage upon his rework and pushing heroes into F-tier that were S-tier with better abilities back in season 3. In addition to introducing shield tank that can push out 20k damage per game from range, far more than offtanks.

Because Hanzo is not a problem and Soldier and Genji are good heroes on par with Mei.


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I watch dafran, he is really the only person i do watch. But that doesn’t change that, say if his sr was normally 4500 on “meta” heroes, then he shouldn’t be able to get 4500 as it would cause more losses than wins.

Think for yourself instead of just believing whatever you hear and apply some logic.

Now I am not saying soldier is some amazing hero (at dafrans rank), just that he is deff not as weak as everyone would say for most everyone below him.

Why do I keep reading this, when we just recently got a bunch of changes to the shield tanks?

In what universe has Blizzard decided to not update the game?

However, if by ‘update’ they mean new heroes/content, then I am still left confused. We were already warned their would be less content until OW2.

You can be a critic of that decision, I am myself, but they did warn us. We can’t complain too much if it isn’t a surprise.


I hear ya. But for example, Reaper’s self heal is too ridiculous. So ridiculous that he’s meta from Bronze to Pro level. So there is some excessive power creep. It’s not like we’re trying to make you feel bad or anything, it’s bound to happen eventually with the new characters being added and trying to make sure they don’t overpower everyone else. But Reaper and Mei don’t need their GOATS strength anymore, there is absolutely nothing wrong in reverting the changes.

Yah a hero with the abilities to for shot tanks and has two abilites that work for both escape and advance is kinda dumb.

Those dropped on the PTR 2 months ago, followed by a PTR patch without balance changes that’s lingered for a whole month. So at least 2 months in between balance changes that amount to changing values in a database.

Edit: The main reason people are so pissed about the release cycle is the complete opacity of it. People would be waaaaaay less angry if there was a weekly or biweekly update on what changes they’re currently testing in house.

Why would I ever do something that requires 2 ults to make it worth

Not helpful at all when playing meta.

Not when they just get blocked by Sig shield.

Its shield meta, you’d have to be 10 meters in the enemy team to have “poor positioning”

*Shooting shields

Flashbang isnt that helpful lol, and why are you acting like McCree is taking 1v1s?

Literally supplies him with instant ammo, but go on

I am not going to argue the difficulty in coding the nerfs/buffs. That isn’t my speciality. So, the ‘changing values in a database’ may be very difficult or not at all. I wouldn’t know.

But I do understand the desire to have more communication. I don’t doubt it would be nice, and I am very happy Josh has chimed in recently.

However, the OP Lambda, said ‘the game has no udpates’.

This is my confusion. There have been updates, just not much communication.

They live and breathe the game. Their problem is that they clearly don’t have anyone on their team that views the game from a true competitive standpoint. I feel like most of the time they make changes, or add new heroes because they’re cool and interesting, but not always competitive.

Soldier is a hero that I’ve personally left alone for a LONG time now. And I don’t play genji near as much as I used to. You can just do more by picking an objectively easier hero that gets more value.

The devs are so disconnected from their community. They surely can see that people are unhappy with changes they make, saying the game isn’t fun anymore, with terribly designed heroes that have been powercrept running riot. But they often don’t take action.

Overwatch will die quicker than blizzard wants it to. And they have no-one to blame but themselves.

I like how he didn’t even say Sombra is viable at all, LOL. Even he knows she’s so bad in this game.

It didn’t sound like to me they denied any power creep at all. I read it and they said they didn’t think it was EXTREME power creep as some believe.

Mccree also basically has a guaranteed kill combo if he does land the flash though. And you can be sure as hell 90% of mccree players at every rank are abusing the hell out of that. Should be on a damn cooldown. He makes deathmatch so so so boring and frustrating.

Your post actually proves everything they’ve said.

This is about player perception. Players create metas and force the metas to stay alive even well after they’ve become boring, just because “going against meta means a report”. This is why nerfs come down after a year just to try to mix things up.

Thing is, the devs got the numbers, the things WE DO NOT SEE, the things we don’t have the ability to cross-reference.

It’s the players and how they use the characters that eventually get the attention. The reason we ended up with 2-2-2 (which was how OW wanted the game to be played and balanced towards that originally) was because of the game breaking with gonzo builds like GOATS.

The reason we lost no-limits style QP was also because of that.

Also you can’t balance for the game as a whole as there is a spectrum of skill levels across the user base. A GM or Top 500 will use a hero different than a Bronze. Lower tiers are Meta-locked while the real experimenting happens from Diamond and higher.

The truth hurts. Maybe the user base needs that tough love.

The point was that they (the developers) are trying to say Winrate is a good indication of “balance”, at least that’s what it most certainly seemed like.

Genji and Symm both have pretty similar Winrates according to Overbuff. So, according to the people who make this game, Genji, Symmetra, Mei, and Ashe are all relatively similar balance wise.

Sounds about right.

You also have to factor in the possibility that certain heroes are intended to work out only on certain maps. White Room scenarios don’t work when you got levels designed to pull certain characters out of a comfort zone while other characters have an easier time.