Today is day 1 of "Why is Brig still greyed out?"

Is there anybody who’s made an effort to check Brigitte out in QP who still feels like they don’t know how her mechanics work? Is there any reason at all she shouldn’t be open for competitive now?


Here is why:


agreed, people have had plenty of time to use her


That’s why in the mechanical sense. “Why can’t I select her?”

I’m asking why more in the sense of “Why would Blizzard think this is necessary?”

Well, that post explains that too. Now if it is a good reason or not, well that is what we are discussing I suppose. I am just providing the reference.

Honestly, I’ve played like 4-5 games of brig QP and I feel like im ready for her in comp, the hardest part about brig is probably the whip shot besides that its knowing when to go in to the fight which is a lot harder when ur in QP compared to comp.

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