To the mercy mains flooding the forums

Then we continue to disagree. Moira has the simplest kit of all supports.

Her only contribution is the raw healing that she brings to the table, without requiring peel. Moira’s damage is meaningless unless you find someone low on health, or you want to chip away on shields.

Those damage orbs are annoying, but it’s free ukt charge for better support ults. In many ways she’s the Reaper of supports.

Now Mercy’s damage boost has more utility, because of what it does for burst damage DPS. If a good Mercy sees a hog hook something, their instinct should be to damage boost right then and there for the ol’one shot.

Same with Widows, McCrees, and so on. Moira doesn’t do this.

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Moira doesn’t need to damage boost the hog when she can deal damage directly to the hook target for the same effect. Because Moira’s right click is dependent only on Moira’s own personal decisions, it is both more reliable and more impactful than Mercy’s damage boost.

I’m glad that unlike most players you understand how little burst damage Moira does, but her lack of burst does not mean you can dismiss her contributions to kills. There’s actually data available to compare the effectiveness of Mercy’s damage boost against Moira’s personal damage output, and to make things fair let’s include Mercy’s pistol damage too.

Moira: 24.87 eliminations per game.
Mercy: 1.71 eliminations per game + 10.27 offensive assists = 11.98 kill participations per game.

Moira’s personal damage is not only about 6 times higher, it also contributes to 208% more kills than Mercy does with her pistol + blue beam.

And, Moira now out-heals Mercy.

That’s a problem.

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It kinda does since you all keep repeating the SAME thing over and over and flood the forums with it.

Hey OP, what are your thoughts on all the “nerf Brigitte” threads?

It depends what rank you’re talking about. At low ranks where Moira can out-duel flankers, and where the auto-aim on her secondary helps, sure Moira’s offensive impact is higher than Mercy’s. At high ranks, Moira only contributes much damage during Coalescence. Whereas Mercy+Zen mean a 200HP hero can be 1-shot bodied with teamwork.

I won’t address elims, as they are a joke stat and you should understand why especially in this context.

Moira can out-heal Mercy because Moira does cleave healing. Take a Moira and try pocketing a Pharah, or a McCree or something. It’s not the same thing.

The problem here is not Mercy’s balance. Mercy is still a great healer. In a few weeks she might not be meta at GM anymore, but honestly if so it’s probably because all the flex players and flex supports are sick of playing her. The problem is that Mercy is boring. Mercy needs to be given something–anything–to make her fun to play. My suggestion is amalgamating staff+blaster in some way such that she can still fire while healing, perhaps.

If you call them assists instead of “eliminations” and compare them to Mercy’s offensive assists instead of damage hero kills, they’re definitely not a joke. It’s literally a stat that tracks how many kills a hero contributed to by dealing a bit of damage. Moira contributes to many kills, even if she only contributes a small amount of damage to each. The only joke there is when Moira players try to lord their eliminations medal over the damage heroes on their team as if “eliminations” means the same thing as actual kills.

Moira is bad at healing Pharah, yes. That’s the only hero she’s really kind of terrible at healing. Pocketing a McCree with Moira is something I’ve actually done before and it makes him nigh unkillable if you manage your resources correctly. It’s different from a Mercy pocket, but Moira has no trouble keeping up with McCree and when done right it’s even more effective. Purple ball can turn multiple enemies into a one shot headshot for McCree, which is something Mercy can’t do with her damage boost at only 30%.

This we definitely agree on. I hope most players can agree on this.

That sounds like you want to turn her into a flying Zenyatta. I strongly dislike this solution. However, I am glad that you are devoting thought to the problem. I would suggest checking out Titanium’s thread here for more rework ideas: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Elims are a joke stat. Moira tickles a bunch of heroes and gets a bunch of elims. Mercy does not.

Devote time to thinking about Mercy? LMAO, I’d be fine if Mercy was deleted from the game altogether. That’s an idea I’ve had since 2 years ago when I first played her. Honestly don’t care what happens to Mercy, but until she’s made fun to play I refuse to touch her aside from the rare soft throw on Battle Mercy in Quick Play.


Look, this is by no means condescending or trying to lesser the value of your opinion… But if you look on the average Mercy main, they are much more invested in their character than any other average “X main”.

If you would not feel like it is worth your effort to fight for the state of your character in the game and are happy with adjusting or simply moving on - good for you. Honestly.

For a lot of us it feel different though. And since forums are still free place to talk - to some extent at least - we take it as an opportunity to try to get our points across.

Have we been unsuccessful for a long time? Yes. Still, giving up doesn’t seem right. And by all means - if you ever feel like fighting for something you really want - go for it. And best of luck as well :pray:.

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but…but…their goddess has dropeed from S-tier to A-tier! Literally unplayable!

Also any nerf will apparently be garbage because it isn’t a revert. Mercy deserves to be boring to play if it’s a lockon easy mode hero with the most powerful ability in the game (rez).

No. We didn’t ask for this mess. If you’re a Mercy main, you’d speak up, too. Don’t just meekly fall back and accept this garbage situation. We deserve to have our feedback ACTUALLY listened to for once. Blizzard has to stop blatantly ignoring what makes Mercy a must-pick.


THIS IS WHY WE NEED A BALANCE AND LORE SUBFORUM! This way people who want to talk about the current state of Mercy (and all the LGBT threads as well) can do so without it cluttering up the main forum.

Yes, Mercy is no longer fun to play. I no longer play her anymore. But all the complaining is getting on everyone’s nerves. So please, keep it in Titanium’s or the other existing threads and STOP MAKING NEW ONES.


They’ve adapted 10 times, so save me the “B…but Roadhog !”

We’ll I’m glad you think you’ve had enough time to smash Mercy into a fine paste, but I don’t see how that leads you to beleive we need to deal with the mess you made until you get the things you want

Sitting on our hands and not saying anything won’t do any better

So I think I’ll stick with making threads ?

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this is LITERALLY what most mercy players are complaining about
they dont want to be meta necessarily,they want mercy to be fun and feel impactful

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If you honestly believe that the Roadhog nerf had less impact on the hero than how the mercy nerf impacts her, then I don’t think we play the same game.


From MY understanding and experience. Most players that are casuals filled the slot of Mercy. (which left room for the dps players to NOT have to learn healing). Including my sister. From HER viewpoint. SHe liked mercy because she wasn’t a great hitscan player and Mercy handled just like “The Doctor” from TF2. The whole Mass Rez thing was easiest for her to do, and when they introduced “single target Rez”. It frustrated her. SHe quit the game. I see straw-poles with 70%-78% of players wanting the Mercy Revert. Its really horrifying how big this toic has gotten. Infact it is probably the MOST talked about Video game issue online now.

Since I played WoW for such a long time. I know what mass rez is. The compromise is to truly bring Mass Rez back into play, with correct fixes.

  • LOS (line of sight) fixes

  • 25% health ONLY returned to players within the radius and I think the world would work fine.

The masses have spoken.

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Well you may disagree but tell that to the 87+ people who agree with me.

You may not like it but what I posted is the truth. She still viable they can come back to her later. Their are more important issues that need to be addressed.

Just because an opinion is popular does not mean it is correct.

You’re acting like Blizzard is incapable of dealing with multiple issues or that we can only discuss one thing at a time.

Well idk if you look at the forums but it mostly nothing but mercy post So yes it means i’m correct.

Yes i know Blizz can do more than one thing i’m saying they need to quit working on her like just put her on pause for a little bit and get the more serious stuff fixed like the horrendous bugs on Roadhog, Rein, Sombra, Reaper and Doomfist. At least mercy still viable and playable and not the garbage everyone making her out to be because I still play her and she still does fine. She just not a must pick anymore and that is honestly a good thing and it honestly opens the spot light for the other healers finally.

You guys can deny and complain all you want but the dev are not going to revert her or bring back 6 man rez. They might tweak rez and maby give her a tad bit more healing maybe but they will not revert so stop asking for it. You guys need to adapt like us Roadhog mains like when our damage was gutted.

I completely agree. There is Bastion that still hasn’t been addressed, the Mei bugs and issues that makes her cryofreeze and her ultimate unreliable, the Roadhog hook (as you said) that has bugs and many other heroes with issues

Message to the Mercy players: stop trying to ask to revert the ultimate or other things, Lucío will take her place, and it’s totally deserved because Lucío became the least picked healer in favor of Mercy for many seasons. It’s better you try to learn her, and if you play comp playing only her will not bring you anywhere, in the long run omly the most flexible players will continue to climb.

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