To the Doomfist players


laughs in Symmetra


Last time i checked, Symmetra became 10x times better than her old self, plus she just got a buff


Last I checked, she’s worse than she’s basically ever been, and the PTR buff won’t change that…


So you prefer the Sym that had no range, took a year to set up, and couldnt do anything if she was losing?

Her current self is far more flexible and better, and the buff to her weapon is fixing her primary issue (lack of dmg)


Guess it’s back to the days when once in a blue moon we hear stories of a Doomfist main who destroys enemy teams with an F tier DF.


I still remember the noobs that complained about Bugfist, (talk about losing to a hero that barely works)


It was hard to take them seriously I even thought they trolls. With those wall slides, ghost punches and railing > RP and they still managed to complain.


I’ll take that trade, the game will still be more fun than it was. There was no mistake.


Said that to yourself when you start losing because you had a DF in your team


So you’ll be ok with having Doomfist on your team, even though he’s increasing your team chances of losing?


I guess he likes to lose


I thought I made that part clear. I will have more fun LOSING than I am having now. DF’s design is terrible for the game and the weaker he is the better the game is. Losing some games is a very small price to pay for a much more enjoyable game.



I mean, do people forget that “avoid player” exists?

Dedicated Doomfist players are going to be rare after this patch. The people who played him because he’s overpowered are just going to move onto the next overpowered hero like they always do.

Just like Sym mains, Doomfist mains will find themselves on the receiving end of a ton of avoids.


I will never understand the logic that a lot of people seem to have. “I hate this hero, so instead of wanting the hero to be nerfed reasonably, I want them nerfed to the ground! Hahaha! This is how the game should be designed!”

I agree that doom was too strong and needed nerfs, but throwing 4 at him at once while buffing his counters without even testing how 1 or 2 nerfs effected him first? Why not test the cc removal on uppercut and slam without having to nerf the slam range and ult at the same time?


he is not even out yet you complain already…


Because hes utter trash in the PTR, and blizz rarely removes a change in it


People have already been testing him on ptr, and 90% of the time the ptr is used live unchanged.


well thats not my fault is it??

iam not doing the balance… ITS THE DEVS… stop saying that ppl who asked for doomfist nerfs are responsible for this nerf decisions.


You have no idea what are u talking about, do u ? :smiley: Current state of DF is worst than his “1 year trash state”. He was unplayable then, just imagine him now… lol.


i’m sure if you find a few pro players who make reddit blow up they will drop some nerfs…