To the Doomfist players

Well Orisa is not exactly the best (plus shes kinda boring)

Except then you get focused by everyone or they hide behind terrain until their cool downs come back.

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I agree so much! I don’t care if I lose 2 games because of the sutbborn Doomfist mains who can’t adapt to nerfs, I’ll never have to lose a game because the enemy team goes Doomfist again! It’s a major win for me :smiley:

And in comp, none of the GM’s will play him if he’s a trash hero, so games can actually be fun again! Screw Doomfist! :smiley:


On long range maps Ashe will replace McCree no question, because those were the only maps you would run Soldier instead of McCree, and Soldier is trash. On close range maps flash bang has so much value that he will still be viable. Also, I doubt that McCree will lose ALL viability, but he will definitely not be as valuable as Ashe on some maps, in some team comps.

You sir are almost worse than me when I’m in tracist mode.

YAY that’s amazing! :smiley: The game is going to feel so much better to play! I’m so happy that Doomfist has ACTUAL counterplay now! He can’t get free kills on Anas or Zens or squishies! His ult will require him to aim it and not to just slam down in the general area and oneshot Ana and Zen :smiley: This patch is going to be so great!

Also, did you even read the reasoning for these nerfs? Here it is:

Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

Sounds like the Devs have recognized that the majority of the playerbase detest CC, stuns, and knockbakcs, and that they’re making changes to remove the impact of said abilities! Sounds good.

They also want to give heroes more counterplay versus Doomfist, so that’s the better player wins the matchup, not just the Doomfist player. Sounds good!

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Doesn’t get a kill with his instakill ultimate

Gets sad.

Gets kill with his one shot on cool-down

Why would it be frustrating not to instakill a ana with his ult. he can literally kill her every 4 seconds with ease.

Then that Ana is trash and needs to swap.

People don’t realize if you’re getting destroyed by doom you should probably pick characters who are more mobile. Or here’s an idea: LAND SLEEP DART

How so? The Doom players above in the thread are trying to “threaten” other players that they will lose all their games because Doomfist will be on their team and he’s “horrible” now.

I’m just saying I can deal with that, considering how much more fun the game will be anyways :slight_smile: I’d rather lose because Doomfist is bad than win because he’s OP, or lose to him while he’s busted.

Debatable. He can one shot every hero on the roster except tanks.

I don’t think ana players are bad…

Try sleep dart a hurling fist, I would if I could play the animation and react. He can literally punch her while her animation is playing and kill her.

So much counterability but of course it’s the ana fault for not sleeping him or moving out his way!

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And then even if you DO sleepdart him, he can just escape back to his team with his abilities once he’s woken up because the CD is so short, or dive in and kill Ana anyways. And he can’t be punished for it, because he gains so many shields for every ability he hits.

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Well ive seen Ana sleeping Genji while dashing which is easily harder (Way harder)

It’s wrong for you to want a character to be bad. At least in my opinion. You seem so happy to see him become meh again. I suppose I can understand as I was initially glad to see Tracer go, but mark my words, Doomfist is going to be the counter to some annoying character in the future and won’t be able to do his job countering them due to the recent nerfs.

THATS WHAT I SAID! So why didn’t they just nerf the shields and leave his cool downs alone? That’s all that needed to be done!

I don’t want him to be bad. I want him to be balanced, fair to play against, and have counterplay. His risk to reward ratio needs to be in line. And currently on live, he lacks these things, which is why he’s getting nerfed.

Genji also doesn’t one shot or knock the old woman into space.

Ana is not really meant to kill DF when she sleeps him, like with most of the other heroes, is better to have someone with high dmg burst to do it, like Reaper or Hanzo

But he is way harder to hit and his Ult is considerably better

Finally someone with some brainpower to understand him from a point of view that isn’t Doomfist playerS