To the Doomfist players


Keep playing him

They wanted the hero to be this bad? thell get it, in their team.

Once they notice how bad is to have a DF in their team they will realize the mistake they made.

Give us our DF back or we will keep ruining their games with the brand new troll pick.

It will be just has Bugfist was back then, but now is Throwfist

And i recommend the same to Brig players.

They wanted this so badly, and thell get it

Ill be fun to play a hero thats so bad, ill be like a challenge or hardcore mode :smiley:

(Remove the nerfs to Slam, both the distance and CC removal!!!)

Revert Brigitte's and Doomfist's changes

I’ve been playing Sombra since way back when she was considered a troll pick.
I adapted, won and lost some games. What’s your point?


Hey look its another doomfist 2.0 main who can only play a broken hero and if that hero isnt broken, and instead balanced, its aparently a throw pick.


As long as the aim is to win, I see no problems.


Yes. Keep playing. I’ll farm your god awfully designed hero if he’s weak.


Thats the deal, you will have huge handicap and make the game harder for your team, but you are actually trying to win with a trash hero.

Remember those words when you have a DF in your team causing you the lose since the hero is too weak


Ill always play doomfist

Im not overly concerned with MOST of these nerfs.

Its the combined nerfs to slam im most worried about.

Uppercut is unreliable enough in regards to moving both doom and his target in a specific path- that having to “aim” at someone who can air strafe a few meters isnt a big deal. A billion things already cause doom or his target to NOT go along the intended path that having to aim is already a normal thing. I feel people grossly overestimate the size of this “nerf”. Good doomfists already do this. People who dont play doomfist just arent familiar because- well. They dont play him

Meteor strike?


Its hardly used as an offensive ult anyways.

Its really only used on ana or zen anyways for that. And even then only in specific situations. Its not some delete ana/zen button 100% of the time ability. They need to lack terrain to block LoS, team mates with shields such as rein / orisa / winston, no zarya to bubble, lucio to speed boost, etc.

Its used mostly to escape- maybe because things hit the fan. Maybe because it allows you to engage harder with your abilities (usually you have to use some of your kit to escape, this means you can use it all for offense), or to reach odd terrain to set up your kit on

This will change nothing about any of that.

But his slam nerfs? Those will be the big ones to me.


If they remove both of the changes to it then DF will be fine


Is that the ideal scenario?


Roadhog mains had to adapt and moved on, Mercy even the ones claiming for changes have played her even after 1 rework 14 nerfs…and the list can go on.

Reinhart was still played even f been punched pushed stunned and killed by a DF has been a classic.
So basically what you Im saying is…Doomfist after release became really fast the most hated character ever made by the community, the amount of bugs he had was terrible, people were asking for a tank and then we got a Dive dps to add to the current meta, then he was nerfed to the ground now is back again to an unfair point in pickratio and win ratio.

I would not ask for nerfs for ANY character and I really feel you as other mains have suffered a lot the nerfs. But that hate, send it to the devs that released a really poorly designed character from the very beginning and with tons of bugs.

Now we have brig again and the state of the game is going even more downhill… and cc abilities and taken control from your character is one of the reasons behind it. Theres little fun in a game when you feel pushed, stunned, slept, hacked, pulled moved like a pounching bag for someones elses entertainment.

And this is not a reply about balance, is a reply about how the game feels right now for some players. Of course we can continue with the cc and other abilities and overturned ones to the nausea and then you can make a thread with the “why is so hard to find players?”.

P.S i would never ask for nerfs for a character, but I honestly, and surely im wrong…but I believe that both Doomfist and Brig releases were not good at all for the game itself.


Best way to get him fixed honestly, if he’s a troll pick it will show, and blizzard will have no choice to fix it. Same with brig, though I doubt this affects brig as much as doom


Besides Sombra had EMP going for her, at release she was indeed trash but after some buffs (like the CD reduction) she became UP at most, also back then teammates also charged the EMP with hacked healthpacks

Doomfist wont have anything going for him, if the nerfs to Slam remain


Doomfist in my team is usualy doing nothing anyway, not big change for me, at least other doomfist gona stop killing my backline


But now every single DF in your team will be like that


Welp, then it will be just like in ranked, gona play less qp then.


Worth it. Absolutely worth it.


I dont go anywhere near QP unless i wanna try a new hero -_-


Alright then, enjoy your constant loses


Yep, and i dont had ranked with doomfist on my team doing anything usefull. In qp i had better players, and actualy i myself prefere it than any competive environment


There’s a difference between adapting to something different and adapting to something far worse.