To people who don’t have fun anymore

I hardly ever play anymore, and I only recently started using the forums, despite my account being 2 years old. Been playing overwatch since release though.

Last loggin in OW was almost 2 weeks ago by now.
I start feeling joy in my life again.

But srsly… it’s sad that Blizzard scraped this game so hard.


Its a casual game at heart. If i try to think competitively with it, i feel like an adult in a preschool class feeling good about myself for acomplishing finger painting. Wow you pressed a button into their button, good job.

I just play tower defence these days or mess about with doomfist diags

I gave this game a try again a few days ago. Instantly got tilted. For me, it’s sheer boredom and force of habit, but I’m starting to find more relaxing things to do with my time. Books are nice, for example. And the forums… can be, but then so can the game.

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Yeah, I never understood this

It’s like when I see people say insert hero name here isn’t fun to play anymore, but they keep on playing them.


In short. Waiting for Tanking to not feel like a chore.

Doing my part to speed that up a bit, maybe.
No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

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Who said we do? I only login for events.


^ This. And not even that unless they’re PVE ones.

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I logged 9hrs straight yesternight on my first day back.

Forgot ana is funmode level 7.

i still suck tho. More than before. But less than after. Figure that one out.

I figured if you still browse the forums there was a good chance you played the game too

OW2 is the only reason I am still hanging around.

Because even bad game is fun when playing with others (friends not randoms) imo.

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I’ve learned that my amount of fun is independant of the state of the game. When I get burned out, I look for things to complain about. After long breaks when I’m at uni, I always look forward to coming back to the game and I always enjoy it, regardless of the fact that McCree is in almost of my games.

Ever heard of addiction?


Because I know how to play it; do you know how much mental energy it takes to learn a new game, especially one that’s not trite or boring?

I don’t have that kind of time most days. I know how to play Overwatch, I used to like Overwatch, it used to be a great game. My matches used to be more consistent, I felt like the game was rewarding and enjoyable, especially the first two-three years I played. It’s been a sharp downhill track since then.

But learning new games takes time and patience that I often don’t have after a long day of working and coming home and having 30 minutes to blow before dinner. So yeah I’ll play Overwatch; it’s familiar and I know how it works.

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sure I get that but it makes it sound like you’re playing out of necessity rather than your own enjoyment. sure other games take time to learn but then why not start now? I appreciate others may not have as much time to play games but the end goal would be worth it surely

Did you literally miss the whole ‘I’m tired after a long day of work’ bit? I don’t think you really know what mental and emotional fatigue is if you just don’t get it, but… There’s lots of times in my life where I cannot take on learning new things, reading new books, etc. because there’s already so much going on that I have to handle/learn that I simply do not have the capacity to do any more. Even for fun things like games.

That’s what adulthood is. When you’re trying to figure out how to schedule a flight so your sister can see your dying grandmother in Boston but also make it so that her dog isn’t dead because he has mouth cancer before she gets back but also you need to prep these invoices and make sure to schedule your own dentist appt too but wait make sure to get your tax info for the lady at the desk because you forgot it last time -

Life is hard. Sometimes I just want to turn my brain off and have fun. With a game. That should be fun. Like it used to be.


Was gonna post a topic about corporate slavery and healing in Overwatch…

But could not find a way to put it nicely enough this early this morning.

ok you’re right, I’m sorry. I fully appreciate not having the time or ability. I didn’t mean anything by it

No it’s fine I’m sorry if I sounded snappy or irritated - it’s not you it’s just the way I talk. I tend to sound a lot more aggressive than I mean to be and I’m not great at softening my thoughts.

My general frustration with the game is that I already sunk a lot of time and energy into it, I’ve been playing for years, and when life gets going you really only have room for like one, maybe two ‘fun’ hobbies. I have a few other games that I play but they’re either too complicated to really sink my teeth into, or too trite to feel any emotional satisfaction from. Overwatch was a good middle ground; fast games, lots of potential depth, and many characters to keep the challenge and variety fresh.

It’s sad to me to see it go to waste, and it makes me angry that my average game experience went from ‘pretty good’ to ‘absolutely horrible’. It’s frustrating, especially when I see peopel going ‘Why even play?’ or ‘It’s not that bad!’ because to me, it IS that bad. It is worth playing, or it should be. All the stuff is there on paper; it’s just… bad now.

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