To open a support ticket you need to attach a gov ID picture

No longer supporting this company. Your [Edited by Blizzard] has gone for far too long.

Please continue to ignore the realities of your community and the system you provided,

please continue to act like your code of conduct is anything but a mess that assures you don’t employ actual game moderators.

And by all means, keep wasting our money on forum moderators that will lock up any thread raising criticism.

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Support for some games in some countries want Government ID to confirm your identity/minimize the work they need to do (People don’t necessarily want to send that in so by asking for it they can dead end requests. Plus, not everyone uses a real name when creating accounts.). It’s possible Blizzard does this in one of the countries in question or is starting to do it overall.

Additionally, in cases of identity verification issues they will sometimes ask for it as well.

The reference to the Code of Conduct is likely because the Code of Conduct does not allow for discussions on punishment actions on forums. The good reason for doing this is because you frequently end up with people lying and claiming they were banned for nothing or because their little brother was on your account and you totally weren’t hacking. The bad reason is your systems for punishment don’t work or have a flaw that can be exploited that can lead to disproportional punishment.

Staff comments suggest that the allegations that the system can be exploited are false.

On the flip side, certain groups of players appear to have been actioned under other categories with a high degree of frequency and had appeals denied.

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Yeah had to send them my ID to actually be able to report a deranker :confused: guess they’ll need a translator to translate Arabic for them.

Haha like they “support” anyways. This company can learn a lot from Amazon about customer support. It’s almost as if it is run by children.

I won’t need your support I don’t plan on buying any more of your products.


agreed blizzard customer support is a joke, there is literally no way to go over a forum moderator’s head. you could have (and it has been done before) your appeal completely ignored or automated bot replied to, and you cant do anything about it. You cant talk about it because they will silence or ban you account for talking about account action.

But it really falls in line with their practices anyway.

They never admit they were wrong about balance.

They don’t take forum suggestions ever

They don’t use PTR feedback.

The only time they do something is when the forums or players are about to riot. Otherwise blizzard puts on a pretty face and pretends to be a great company when they really don’t do anything that well on the other side of it. on the feedback side.


Both of those orange statements are straight up lies.


Yep i checked, have to use goverment ID

Guess i have to pray that i dont have any issues because im not sending my goverment ID, nope to that


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