To Everyone Complaining About the Mercy Nerfs


The reason why Mercy was a must-pick Support was because of her consistent healing and low-skill, high-reward output when compared to other supports. Of course Positioning and Situational Awareness are important and must be very good to be a Pro-Mercy player, but that’s a given for EVERY support and they have Mechanical skills tacked on such as Aim with Ana and Zenyatta, Resource Management with Moira, and Switching with Lucio. She is the Easiest support to play by a far margin and Blizzard directly nerfing her Healing was a step in the right direction.


Only whining about this are mercy mains, even tho I am Mercy main and I agree with this nerf. It’s minimum. And mercy is most played because of rez as cooldown


Yeah we’ll see about that when she’s still 12% pickrate and you come back crying for nerfs.


The whole point of nerfing her healing is making you switch to someone like Moira or Ana if you need more healing, but, if you need more utility you switch to Mercy.

Will it be enough? IDK


Uh, nope. It was because of her Rez on a 30 second cooldown, her crazy mobility, and her crazy self sustain. Her healing was just an added benefit. This nerf is not going to change anything.


at least she should got 40% damage boost.


I play mercy alot even though I am not maining her. I heard that she was getting her healing done less per second. It is bull crap! Because people do not know how to counter Mercy keeps getting nerfed


Well, no, the reason she is getting these nerfs is so that there’s more tradeoff in picking her as a “main healer.” Basically, by making her heal numbers lower, she becomes a less reliable option to keep your team upright than Ana and Moira, it’s all the healing and utility she brought compared to how weak the contenders for her spot were.

I think, ideally, this leads to less “ We need a mercy or we’re throwing” and lets her be a pick you could switch off of occasionally


The developers seem to disagree with your assessment of why the developers nerfed her.


Then she should get damage boost 40% for compensation of her hps nerf.


She is still more consistent. Maybe Moira is gonna change that though


Son. Mercy having good consistent heals was only a bonus. The only reason she’s a must-pick is because of Resurrect on a static cooldown, allowing her to undo 2 critical picks per minute.

They haven’t read a SINGLE WORD OF FEEDBACK from ANY Mercy player. THAT is why we’re getting upset, and our patience running out.


I feel that Moira should get nerfed a little instead Mercy. Overwatch Team is just making the game less and less fun


Stop being disingenuous, the next line proves he’s right.


Mercy’s the most played because of her res. She has always had consistent healing and yet she wasn’t OP until they gave her res on a 30 second cooldown. This nerf is barely going to lower her pickrates/winrates.

Also, Brigitte is the easiest support to play by a far margin.


I always out heal Mercys as Moira, but that could contribute to a number of things such as how much is Mercy dying? I don’t think anyone has ever picked Mercy simply because of her sheer healing output. Res has always been Mercy’s biggest feature.


Then why was Mercy nearly F Tier in Season 3/4/5?


Lolwat, Moira’s fine. Could’ve done without the “heal through shields” nerf, which, (and I now believe that was intentional) put more of an emphasis on Mercy’s position as top healer.

Someone at Blizzard has a hard-on for the nerfbat with Mercy’s name on it.


I’m not being disingenous, I just have reading comprehension skills. Allow me to help: The person I was responding to said that the developers wanted people to switch off Mercy if they needed the most healing. Which logically would require there to be healers that can heal better Mercy.

The developers literally said that they want Mercy to have the strongest healing in the game. Speaking of being disingenous, let’s add the next sentence of this developer comment, which you neglected to include in your effort to skew the meaning of their comment:

All Blizzard said is that they didn’t want Mercy’s heals to completely blow other healers out of the water, whilst keeping her as the strongest healer in the game.

In short, they want the extra heals to be small enough that, in some situations, it will be worthwhile to sacrifice the those heals in exchange for, say, Ana’s utility, or Moira’s ability to fend off flankers and finish off picks. But Mercy is still the only dedicated healer in the game. Of course she’s going to have the most heals.