To anyone who's played the new apex legends game


X makes it lower since it’s under 1


Please help…
2.6 sens
1300 dpi
103 fov

Need converted to Apex Legends


Very friendly for DPS players. Bring your friends, you want people that move as a squad.

Supports are kind of weak in that game in all honesty. As a support main in overwatch I prefer the tanks. I feel like I’m way more of a support than lifeline or the roboman.


…Or never coming back until they rebalance the game so that main tanks and supports aren’t a cancer to play


since when are tanks and sups cancer to play? you know goats? you know that people switch off damage to play support because of heal and dmg? ^^


8sens in game
800 dpi
103 fov
please i need apex sens


Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to post this question in the AL forums? I mean, it’s more than a bit crass to come here to ask that question…


that ended up just being

completely wrong lol


It’s the same sens as CSGO, just use that when converting on mouse-sensitivity.


i’ve heard dividing your OW sense by 3.33333 is how you get the sens for Apex. My sens in OW is 7 in game with 800 DPI so Apex would be 2.1 and that seems to work good for me. Best one that I read about


yeah that’s what works

or just multiply by .3


Thanks for this thread. I just downloaded Apex and was wondering what sens I should use. Multiplying by 0.3 seems to be correct.