To anyone who's played the new apex legends game


do you know the conversion of sens from ow to there?

it seems fun and I’m gonna try it this weekend



you gotta pay for that


No you do not?

What is your sens, ill put it in for you.


It says apex hip fire is only available to premium members.

Mt dpi is 500, sensitivity 5. 1440p monitor 27 inch.


pff i really wanna know as well , i use 2000dpi 2.5 sens in overwatch it ends up at 27.720 cm/360


3.5 sens
800 DPI
103 fov
36 rel scoped for widow


From what the calculator says that should be 0.2.


103 fov is an important thing to change for Apex.


If I see another Apex Legends topic, I will spontaneously combust.


I see

is that with a 103 fov?


as “mouse-sensitivity com” says - Apex Legends - Hipfire is only available to Premium Members. Please [subscribe] to get full access.

For now i didn’t find the way to convert OW sens to Apex Legends. For my taste dividing OW sens by 2 works fine.


can u also do

6.06 sens
800 dpi
103 fov


Try your ow sens x 0.2


Have fun playing that game for a week and then coming back to OW.


you used ?


Nope, I didn’t brochacho


Can anyone convert mine plz

Ingame sens- 8.75
Polling Rate-1000 (idk if it matters)


Can someone do this for me? my sens: 10 Dpi: 400. With the default apex fov please <3 Ads same 360 hipfire


the sens is definietly lower then ow not higher , i made my 0.75(same as csgo) , and its 2.5 in overwatch , if i would do x0.2 it would be extreamly high