Tired of these blow out matches


According to many pro Overwatch analysts, the odds of winning a team-fight are…

Meaningless statistics backed up by ‘argument from authority’ which itself is conveniently based on the idea of ‘professionalism’ being legitimate (when in fact it’s based on sponsorship, making it political rather than meritorious).

It might be possible to present a more dubious standard for authority than this, but it would have to involve something like a bum with no teeth who lives behind a dumpster giving advice about proper nutrition and hygiene.

The person you’re responding to has pointed out DIRECTLY that statistical analysis is proving to be a massive failure… and you throw what you are pretending is statistical analysis at him (which I have just explained is actually a political dogmatism) as a way to show that his direct personal experience is invalid.

Stop doing that. It’s very very rude, condescending, literary irony, situational irony, and also serves only the purpose of stroking your own ego. You’ve said nothing helpful to this person, all you’ve done is treat them like a lesser being while spouting nonsense covered in the pretense of science.

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If your team isn’t working together, step up your gameplay and be a shot caller or use LFG. End of story.


thats bullcrap… total bullcrap
you can easily carry a team and play VERY VERY well and have them drop the ball and lose. it happens to me ALLLLLLLL the time


PSA: If your team didn’t win, you didn’t carry anything…


As players we have asked for clarification on how mmr and SR work together. We have yet to get a clear indication on how they work. As far as players go we could say the system is broken. And be counted by the development team that everything is working as intended. It’s the dog chasing its tail scenario. Won’t catch it and wouldn’t understand what to do if it did. There are flaws with match making. Players can group and throw to degrade their mmr/SR and go on a complete stomp fest against opponents who are ill prepared. Which leads to many many lopsided matches. When you get an actual balanced match (few and far between) it makes the game a boat load of fun.


They have provided many helpful answers over the last couple of years to this already. Here are few helpful posts. This first one from Principal Designer Scott Mercer explains why SR gains and losses feel random, and how it contributes to your MMR/SR.

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20749737390#post-3

Please note, this post was made in Season 2, the paragraph mentioning the small factor of performance based skill rating only applies to Platinum and Lower ranks effective starting season 8.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan also explains how MMR and SR relates to each other:

There is a lot more information about this and other subjects about Competitive. I maintain a forum topic which catalogs all developer responses to the community and Kaawumba has a very extensive guide to the inner works of skill rating and matchaking.


I’ve never seen someone so violently allergic to the idea of expert analysis of Overwatch.

You are basically saying that “it feels bad” invalidates stastical analysis, and insisting that his pretty nonconfrontational tip was a personal attack backed by political dogmatism. You might as well accuse people you disagree with of being lizard people; it would actually sound more rational.

Here’s a cold reality check: games are often blowouts at low levels because lower skill players don’t understand enough to resolve the problems or overcome their opponent’s strengths. The game favors winning fights via ultimate charge, so it can take thinking and effort to overcome that advantage from the first fight. And perhaps most importantly, at low ranks morale is piss poor and people can’t handle initial setbacks.


blah blah blah

I guess I missed your point somewhere between all those rambling insults that, from my perspective, boiled down to you saying, “I don’t get it, therefore you’re wrong.” This would seem to imply that you are omniscient and infallible.

Is that the case? Could you clarify?


Solo carrying in OW LOL


Your replies are so unhinged that I honestly have to keep going back and checking the comments you reply to just to confirm that yeah, this guy is either 100% nuts or a genius troll.

I gave several reasons why matches can end as blowouts, and that lower-tier players often feel there was nothing they could do about them. Here’s another key point I don’t think a lot of people understand: just because a teamfight went 6 to 0, doesn’t mean it was an unstoppable steamroll. WyomingMyst’s stat about teamfights being almost entirely decided by who got the first kill is pretty accurate; in fact it’s such a well understood aspect of fights that you attacking the source was pretty hilarious. This means that the fight was decided by something much closer than you think; one Zarya bubble or Ana grenade or rocket dodge could have made the difference in which team had the first death and thus crushed the other one in the first, key fight that led to the snowball of ultimates and positioning.

I don’t know what more to say. I’ve explained why losing can often feel like a blowout. That’s the explanation this thread was looking for. The upside is that it’s much easier to turn the tide in games than it seems to you guys, especially in lower ranks; improving yourself at Overwatch really will lead to winning more and alleviate this problem.


If your having a really good game. It pays offs of to protect your teammates from dying. I know they are incompetent,but if you can identify the enemy causing problems and deal with them it can really help them so they have an opportunity to help you.


if you can identify the enemy causing problems and deal with them

This is what everyone doesn’t know they mean when they say “game sense” (most of the people who talk about game sense, have none). It’s pretty much the only reason I ever win games. I have arthritis and can’t aim if my life depends on it. I’m old and my reflexes are so slow that even I occasionally find myself asking how the heck I responded to that so late… but “game sense” lets me predict enemy movement and positioning, control it with lane denial and crowd control, and make sure the rest of my team has a distinct and obvious advantage over the confused and disorganized enemy players.

With no ability to aim and terrible reflexes, I have frequently made it into platinum before an avalanche of trolls abuses various game functions and drags me down again. In fact I should make it back to platinum again some time this week in spite of seasons seven through ten providing me with over one thousand consecutive matches of un-carryable throwing RoadHogs.


Personally I find 3k overwatch the saddest because a large majority of the players are there because of skill decay, and it creates a big disparity in skill gaps.

I play with a friend who plays main tank and I always play off tank enabling him to do what he wants. Together we can get GM and have a lot of fun.

If I had to play alone, the grind is more tedious. I’d have less fun, fill more, climb less. Sadly overwatch is a team game xd.


Being a shot caller for a team that can’t even work together isn’t exactly possible nor is it consistent.


Umm how are team fight stats an argument from authority? That’s really dumb because first kill legitimately ends in team fight wins for the team that secured the kill 75% of the time or more


Decayed players still get matched by mmr. You’re not going to find a decayed gm in diamond unless he’s actually dropped to diamond


you are the one constant in all of your games. Mathematically speaking, even if you are completely average at the game you will climb (this is why 50% avg wr doesn’t come until diamond)


When your teammates pick a bunch of random heroes with no synergy and they die within seconds, it’s hard to save the day.


Always happens. Loads of throwers, Leavers, feeders and smurfs making matches unfaur.


Is always worth looking back at a recorded game. One guy asked for a vod review. And despite him being higher Sr than me, it was clear to see what silly plays he made that cost him the match. Bad hero selection, soft throwing via suiciding 3 times in 1 minute, etc.

It’s always easier to spot these things afterwards. But you can at least attempt to prevent those errors next time you’re in the thick of things.


It IS possible if YOU are consistent. Here is the distinction that you need to recognize: Don’t just Shot Call, BE a Shot Caller! This involves using coaching-type skills like maturity, patience, and understanding. Also, you can’t get tilted otherwise your Shot Calls won’t help you.