Tips for Widowmaker?


I have been starting to play Widowmaker and I think she’s really fun to play! I was wondering if any good widow mains have any tips on how to get better at her.


Say someones name in chat. When they stop to reply, you’ve got an opportunity to get a free kill.


Remember to work on developing intimate control of your sensitivity. For most players (but not all), they will find that if they can slowly train to play at a lower mouse sensitivity, they will be able to make shots more accurately. Again this takes time and practice.

I myself, play Widow at 2.65 in-game sensitivity at a 1600 mouse DPI with a scope reduction at 50%. Learn more on how to do this in my maximizing performance guide here:

Also, be sure to practice headshots a lot. This can be set up a bunch of Ana AI bots with headshot only turn on in a custom game skirmish. Some pro players will play games like OSU! and Aim Hero to practice as well.


click on heads…


200 IQ widow…

not a widow main, but i do suggest taking a look at your Zoom sensitivity. There are guides online suggesting the ideal numbers based on your resolution etc to make it almost intuitive to your unscoped so that your muscle memory can be used for both


2000 IQ Strat




How do I get better at clicking on heads :thinking:


Aim for the neck is a good idea. When you left-click, its natural to shift your mouse up ever so slightly and you are more likely to at least get a body shot.


Apart from very standard tips Id say you have to analyze/study hero animations.
For example, do you know when Genji’s deflect ends? Its crucial knowledge for burst dps heroes like Widow who will face deflecting Genjis on constant basis.


Hi, I randomly fluctuate between complete garbage and amazing at Widow, so I’ll toss mine in: learn to hit flick shots. If you can hit nice flicks, you can really clean up the battle and it makes it a lot easier than trying to track those pesky Genji’s and Lucio’s and such.

Beyond that, try to keep an awareness of the entire situation, not just whatever you’re aiming at. Listen for people coming too close to you that you might need to get away, predict what the enemy will want to try after you pop them for the 2nd or 3rd time in a row, and don’t tunnel vision and let the enemy Widow get a free shot because you were too focused on catching Mei out of her Iceblock.


You need do side AIM training regimen everyday at least 1 hour to grow up the mechanicals on pair with your gamense playing quickplay or FFA.

Some PROs devote even 4 hours per day to practice AIM so imagine the importance of this


Remember to click on the head.


Memorize the time to 68% charge from scope initiation.
Also relax and take quality shots over the fast reckless one.
Understand distance to a corner determines how far out you need to expose yourself to get a peek, so further from the corner is better.
Let other widow fire before giving away your location.
Move after 2 shots max, unless there is a shield in front of you.
Always have an exit strategy from where you are shooting.


Just shot at their head


There is only one real tip for improving with Widowmaker. Practice, practice, practice, and more practice.


I post this video a lot because it’s very useful:


Always remember the widow vs widow when you face a enemy one.

And scope in, before you’re really scoped jump and you are pretty much scoped in full charge as you land around a corner.

Her ult gets buffed + counter play gets added.
(hp visible to your team, ult gone if widow dies.)

Yeah keep moving, or they will surprise you.