Tip for lowbies trying to climb

I held this thinking I was going to come back, I’m not for comp. This is how I climbed easy, really easily. Its mei, she hands down climbed me from bronze to silver before she went down for whatever reason. Won a ton of games in a row.

Run mei with rein preferably, other tank will always try to push on Defense or offense. Wall the enemy tank off and beat him up with rein (or vis versa) its auto win after that.

Dumbest strat but it worked really well, hope it helps someone else.

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I think just understanding the game is the best way for people to climb out of low ranks. Starting with awareness alone should get you out of bronze/silver, then mild mechanic training for getting out of gold.


You don’t know enough to be giving advice obviously.

yes and no, you’ll run into games were you’ll have to carry your team to win that match. this’ll make it dumb easy for your team to follow up on if you’re solo queuing.

Tips for climbing:
Stand behind the tank.
Take the high ground.
Don’t peek their snipers.
Help your supports when they’re getting ganked.
Wait for your team to revive and regroup, don’t go in on a stupid suicide mission 1v5.