Time for a revert

Yup, I said it, Symmetra needs a revert. Im not one of those Sym players who wanted her back because I expected 3.0 to get buffed and become viable but it is clear now that the devs dont care about her. Time to revert her and either leave her how she was or start changing her from there. When you look at it, 3.0 didnt change Symmetra as she still suffers from the same problems as 2.0. The only thing she is used for is TP which is clunky and slow. She is too squishy and unlike 2.0, theres no reward for risk because of all the healing and armor now in the game her beam barely does damage to squishies and only charges off of tanks and when that shield is down and your team engages, OOPS you just got melted by random fire. Unlike Sym 3.0 you could flank with 2.0 and if u positioned well you could charge your beam and melt the whole backline now THATS A REWARD, its what Tracer does so and no one complains about her.

I know this is gonna attract all the Sym haters and all the people who only support 3.0 because she takes “skill” now but lets be real, they only like her because she no longer has lock on so I dont take their opinions into consideration. Besides Symmetras beam was so short that if you died to it you deserve it. She was a close range heroes and close range heroes are dangerous in close quarters, get over it. So lets give back Symmetras original identity that she has had since launch and start building up, first thing is give her back her turrets, then you can speed up her orbs, etc etc.



It’s coming mate.

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I’m sympathetic to Symmetra, but reverts will never ever ever ever ever happen. You must seek a different path.

I love you for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you and thanks to everyone who made this happen.

I agree, IMO Sym is actually much worse than before. Before, there were a couple points where she was viable (Volskiya Defense Point A and Eichenwalde Defense Point A were the only two points where I still played her), but she’s now noticeably much worse at those points and doesn’t perform well enough anywhere else to ever be worth using.

I think the first thing I’d do is put Teleporter back on ult. Her new ult is just weird and I feel like it has little to no synergy with her kit, the teleporter at least offered very clear value in terms of cutting down midfight respawns. I would keep her current Teleporter Placement UI, though, so she can place it on ledges and such. The next thing I’d do is let orbs go through barriers again. This was a pretty essential function of her kit, especially with there being a million barriers in the game now. They can keep throwing the turrets and her new beam if they want.

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