Throwing on smurf accounts is OK?

Blizzard thinks it’s ok so why not do it?
Team already has 2 dps, pick another one. Why not? There’s literally 0 consequences. Maybe go torb, leave voice and afk.

This statement is not accurate, here is the official policy about owning alternate accounts:

Remember if you want to have a more controlled experience about your teammates including what roles they pick and if they communicate in voice comms or not, you need to use the Looking for Group tool.

Master/gm lfg doesn’t exist. 90 percent of accounts are smurfs. This is a dyinggame on its last legs.

I’ve had a smurf account get banned for an entire season for throwing.

I was on a throw team mind you, but it still got banned… I was just not diamond level anymore and wanted to get lower SR without screwing people over but oh well! :man_shrugging:

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