Throwing is at an all time high


I always was the arguer against all the people who complained about throwing because i rarely saw actual throwing. I define it as intentionally trying to lose. Not just playing an off meta hero or accusing someone of throwing because they used a bad ult.

As of late though I have had many, many games where my teammate refuse to damage, heal, or they are jumping off the map. Its weird that this happens even when we dominated in the first round. I also know throwing is on the rise by the amount of reports i make being action’d upon. Everyday i log into a few messages that the throwers have been action’d(which is great.)

Why is this happening so much now? My group of 4 tried using LFG for the other 2 and that seems to have even more throwers than regular queuing.

Its really sad. It makes me not want to play the game because there’s nothing i can do about it but watch them ruin my teams fun. And what really sucks is they get to have fun doing it.

I’m glad the reporting system works but i wish these reports were further reviewed somehow to identify if a player should be perma banned for legit trying to lose the game.

Sorry for the rant


Actually, one of the devs posted some statistics showing that toxicity is much lower.


Throwing is not at an all time high unless it’s already the final week of the season.


Can you provide statistics for this all time high or did you just have a bad day and needed a place to vent


Honestly I find this frequently. I actually hit my season high a few days ago (its like 2705 or something?) and being at that horrible section of platinum that’s not quite diamond but not low enough to be Gold i was stumbling into people who were playing Torb and emoting, playing healer and trying to be a DPS with no out come, refusing to switch off of 4 dps, with my two stack being the one to solo tank and solo heal. I had a game where I was SOLO-HEALING as Brigitte (I didn’t realise until after we were halfway into the first round before switching to Mercy), and then had someone come into the chat and verbally abuse me (for being a girl, and because apparently we were losing because “our Mercy is sh*t and not healing”) and they then proceeded to spend the whole game crouch walking from our spawn to the edge of the map until our inevitable loss.

I honestly will never understand why people feel the need to intentionally come into competitive and ruin the game for other people. Like realistically you want to go into a competitive game wanting to win, with other people who also want to win! I know for a fact if I have a game where the whole team is positive and trying their best, even if we lose there’s always that little “well we tried, good luck with your games guys!” at the end of it.

I also agree that I wish the reports were looked into further, to result in more harsh actions against players who genuinely throw the game. But we all know that’s never going to happen… :frowning:
What frustrates me is I can’t even avoid the people who are ruining my games, because we only have two avoid slots (MAYBE more for the small amount of time I’m queueing with people if they even have room on their list), and EVERY time I’ve unavoided someone to add someone else, that person I unavoid has been in my game THE VERY NEXT GAME. (Literally the other day I unavoided someone, and then they were in my next 3 matches, they proceeded to throw AGAIN and I had to switch my lists up so I could avoid them again.) It honestly brings down my morale a hell of a lot and I, admittedly, tilt fairly quick some times, and sure I could just “stop playing” but I love Overwatch, I love Brigitte and Symmetra and I would like to keep playing them and I want to get to a higher rank but it’s so hard when for some reason people think it’s necessary to ruin someones day. I dunno, maybe it’s just me and a handful of other people who cannot fathom what kind of amusement these rude people get, jumping onto a game that costs money just to try and take the fun out of it.