Throwers and Leavers is OW2 fixing this?

I know this has been an ongoing problem since day one. And right now there seem to be a lot more around than normal. My win rate can’t out match my Throwers and Leavers rate, so the only way is down.

Will OW2 finally be adding in some features to fix this? As this maybe a make or break for me getting OW2.

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OW2 is just the PvE, everything else is coming to regular Overwatch.
So if they are going to add a way of fixing this, you wouldn’t need to get OW2 for it


Ow2 is the same game with sprinkles on top


Dude they can make as many games as they want but they will ultimately make the decision behind design choices. They’ve had all this time to fix Overwatch 1 based on feedback and they still haven’t. It honestly feels like it’s getting worse day by day. I wouldn’t have ANY hope of Overwatch 2 being any better. It’ll be just the same old trash with random design choices.

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please stop call its ‘same game’ there is no sense if its the same game and they gona sell it for a ‘new’ one. They just a complete new game just with the heros we love but with some upgrade for the game and how it works. so many problems could solve in ow2.

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Ehm OW2 is just a pve game. It doesn’t replace OW - they will share heros. But OW = Pvp OW2 = Pve they will not be interchangeable at all. If you like killing AI bots then OW2 is for you.

I don’t think OW2 will have any throwers, like there is no purpose in a pve game.

Well I hate to tell you, they are scamming players like you with the name “Overwatch 2”. Its is the “Battle Chest” version of Overwatch. Overwatch 2 is going to replace all future purchases of Overwatch 1. Meaning you wont be able to by just Overwatch 1 without having to get Overwatch 2 with it.

So with that being said… OVERWATCH 2 is the same game as Overwatch 1, just with PVE Content. You unlock the same exact items for both game by playing either. You play with OW1 and OW2 players in the same Servers for PVP. The only thing different is OW2 players only play with OW2 players in PVE, until an OW1 player upgrades.

The Anti-Cheat will be the same, the Penalty System will be the same for both games. They will update both games simultaneously with the same content and patches.


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You are right but for completly the wrong reasons. People should not call it the same game because, Overwatch is a pvp game and Overwatch 2 is only going to be a PVE game IE you will be killing bots only and not other players.

Overwatch 2 is not mean to replace Overwatch at all, they will both share heros but they will be totally different games. Think of Overwatch as Overwatch and Overwatch 2 as Borderlands coop mode.

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Sorry buddy but your opinion contradicts my fantasy.
ow2 gona be great , with new heros models , new mechanics,
New things. they mabye gona change barriers and rework some heros. i can see a big sysytem that allow you to upgrade and grind with the heros your love. its not gona be the same game. they learn from ow1 for 5 years. this about time to make things suprise.

Do you have a source that OW will require OW 2 to play in the future?

I think your fantasy and reality has a lot of disparity. Its literally going to be skins and abillities transferred to another game with some new heros as well and potentially updated older heros with new pve only synergies between heros ect. But lalrgely it is pre existing content they are recycling… while you shoot bots. Like the pradtice range in OW apart from the bots will return fire…

Jeff said its gona be highly replayable. which is mean that the a.i will upgrade with the time and could punsih us . the humans in a challenging and professional way.
i could imagine fight agisnt some cool groups that have unique skills and abillits that make u think before u act. just like the comp side. its not just archive event or sample like this. this is the big heavy guns. im sure blizzard gona bomb with ow2.

OW1 wont require OW2 to play. You can not play OW2 PVE with a base OW1 account.

If you buy OW2 you get all of OW1 content. Thats how they are marketing OW2.

Blizzard has already publicly on multiple gaming outlet articles that The unlocks (skins, sprays, audio, etc) will be unlocked to both games.

So once again, the only way OW1 players and OW2 players can play together is in PVP. OW1 players cannot play PVE.

is what i’m interested in here. not the differences between OW and OW2. I know they are the same game as far as PvP goes. But they have said there are not big updates after Echo for OW. are they holding back on a Fix for the Throwers and Leavers problem for when OW2 is released.

As someone said, they have known about the problem for 5 years now.


You answered your own question.

how? I don’t know what the developers are doing.

Personally I do not think any pve game has that much replay value, but yeah there will always be some. Some people prefer the pve grind to pvping. So maybe it will be, but I mean if you like pve? Why not play wow or ff online? Like the established pve games.

I don’t really get OW2, it doesnt even begin to interest me at all and I really liked Overwatch.

Ah I get you, that makes sense. Im not interested in OW 2 at all, won’t even entertain the idea of buying it. If i want to pve I would play FF or Wow even.

Thanks for clarifying.

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There has been no indication that any changes are being made to the leaver system

You could also play Path of exile. Its free and its what d3 should have been