Three out of seven of my games had leavers in them today


It’s open to abuse though… imagine one noblely sacrificing hinself to save his team’s SR by leaving…
Like i agree it would reduce feelsbad if it was a reduced SR loss… but this should be a token amount like (leaver loss protection +4 SR) or something…


Also not a bad idea, perfectly acceptable to me


I still believe stacks should be fully punished if they have a leaver but a system for solo q players to reduce or nullify the hit would be great for something they have no control over.


One way to safeguard against abuse is to scale it, so for example 1 leaver reduces loss by 4, 2 by 8, 3 by 15, and so on, but groups don’t receive this, so people can’t sacrifice themselves to avoid SR loss for everyone else


Yea but you can only do that so many times before you are permanently banned.


there’s a 6 out of 11 chance that the leaver will be on the enemy team.

so the statistics take care of themselves

you just have to make sure you play plenty of games so the bell curve has time to show itself


How will you abuse this if you can get a lifetime ban for leaving? It is not like people can just leave and nothing happens


well with accounts so cheap nowadays, it could be abused pretty heavily. And for what? to mitigate the problem of leavers, something that doesn’t happen all to often and is already solved with today’s current system?

and besides, Overwatch will be free to play sooner or later so we have to solve the problem for that. Furthermore, your solution won’t work on console where account creation is free.


lol what?!?! even though that may be the probability, the possibility of having all the leavers on your team can still occur.


Who says that? You?!?! Leavers happen all the time in plat and below.
Account creation is not free on Xbox, only playstation. But that’s a Sony issue that they refuse to fix, therefore, the suggested system would work for two platforms, with PC being the biggest platform anyway.


I think they should show this stat in your player profile. How many times the enemy team had at least one leaver vs how many times your team did. This way you could verify. And besides, once you play 10,000 games the probability of the bell curve not coming to fruition is about 0.000000002%

this is not a good enough reason to implement a system that can be used to help your buddies out by leaving a game


wtf…probability means jack all b/c of hte possibilities. there is NO bell curve. you have zero logic in this argument, but at least it’s funny to read hahaha


I want you to start counting how many times a 5v6 Competitive game happened. count how many times it happened for your team and the enemy team.

I want you to do this for 300 games

get back to me with your data and we can discuss this topic further


Yeah a W is a W, but I hate winning cheaply


Yes, do an experiment for tactician using his arbitrary requirements and then he might deign to continue the discussion, but until then your input is invalid and his made-up claims are completely correct.


What do you consider plenty of games? 100? 1000? 100,000,000,000,000? We all understand that at some point SR gains and losses will be a wash due to leavers. However no one including the development team knows what that number of games is.


Correct me if i’m wrong, but the penalties for leaving a game follows a scale as follows?

There are 6 leaver penalties that occur in succession to cause a season long ban. It is your responsibility as a player to edumucate yourself as to the levels of punishment:

10 minutes
30 minutes
2 hours
8 hours
24 hours
Season Ban

Each comes with a 50 SR penalty

There is presently some wiggle room to game the system before a Season Ban is imposed. I think this wiggle room is fine as there will be legitimate players who will experience bad luck such as a power shortage or internet connectivity issues. However, you can’t ignore that there are players who know this information and have considered how to abuse it.


462 is plenty of games. This is how many ways there are to shuffle around 11 people to make a match for you.

but this doesn’t guarantee the bell curve will show it self. so I’d say 1.5 times this. So maybe about 700 games and randomness most definitely start to stabilize.


I had 3 in my teams last night( out of 5 tho :< ), were you in the enemy team :D?


All the time? I have done 100 games in plat and had 4 leavers.