Thread Bug Found


There is a bug that occurs when you copy a command from any post. It doesnโ€™t copy correctly.

For example,

Copy-paste this:

<img src=>

What did you get?

This right?
&lt;img src=;

Another example:

Copy-paste this:

<Hello there! How are you?>

What did you get?

This right?

I donโ€™t know why this happens, but it has to do with copying something that is like this:

How to fix it?

If you are on PC:

If you are on Mobile:

Unfortunately I donโ€™t know. If you know how to avoid this bug, please reply to this thread :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thank you for you attention!

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Thread Bug Found

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Hmmm the thread was edited by a mod??


If not a bug, its simply the uhโ€ฆ how do I explain
the html symbol for < and >
So it shows those when copied, they seem to still come out as < and > for you though?


Basically the commands arenโ€™t copied correctly when it has the format in the OP


Yeah, its def a bug but at the same time it may just be a formatting issue where the < character isnt working when copied.
<img src=>
^ thats what i got from copying. So maybe its your browser?


I am not on my PC right now. But there was a moderator that edited the OP. Maybe he fixed it?


What device/browser did you use when the bug happened though? Sometimes that makes it mess up in my experience with web


Google Chrome
Try copy-pasting a command from this thread:

This is where I found the bug

    <img src=[picture.png] height=[number]>

odd. Maybe it really got hyper patched?


Hm, I mean click the emoji then click whatโ€™s below it. It doesnโ€™t work for me.