Thoughts on Paris


It has seemed to me that Paris is heavily attacker-biased compared to other 2CP maps, and others have agreed with me. The many narrow corridors make it easy for attackers to rotate, while the defense often has to wait for cooldowns to rotate to match them. However, I think it’s still too early to make that assessment – the strategy for defenders seems to be to scout and react properly, which is made more difficult but by no means impossible by the multiple avenues of attack. It’s hard to gauge at this point since most of the PTR matches have almost no one in voice chat.

Main tanks are the issue here: this map seems to actually favour Orisa, which is unusual, but at the same time she has to manage her cooldowns to prevent her entire team from being caught off guard. Reinhardt can apply greater pressure on one avenue of attack, but since there are so many, he can too easily be caught with his pants down. Interestingly, the map seems to actively discourage “deathball”/GOATS comps, because a team that can split up effectively can actually take the win, provided they recognize their limitations and back out when the fighting gets too hot.

I’m interested to hear other people’s thoughts about this map, because I’m not a high-ranked player and I’m open to getting schooled. I really like it, thus far, but I can’t be sure my analysis is really accurate.


The map feel quite a bit like Hanamura. The first choke being narrow and the only ground way through. the second point have three ways to it. the one to the right being high ground to a wide open courtyard. For being as long of a walk as it is, the map feels kinda small. I think there need to be one more way of bypassing that first choke weather it be window up top or a side hall not sure.

Second point feels fine gonna be a snipers dream with all the wide open courtyards. But all in all it feels like playing Hanamura with less cover and a more narrow choke.


Hmm. I mean, a major difference from Hanamura first point is that basically no one seems to be defending at the choke – they either sit on high ground or on the point itself. Attackers have to cross some open ground to get to the point but there’s a reasonable flank route on the left, and even a serviceable one on the right. If anything it’s more like Anubis first point, but still more forgiving for attackers.


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