Thoughts on 8 v 8 mode?


I personally feel that the gripes most people have with Overwatch’s gameplay stems from the core of the game: forced 6 v 6 teams. By being 6 v 6, the game inherently demands a solid team composition with little room for error to win, which easily gets frustrating when 5 other random people are involved.

I think 8 v 8 would give more leeway for people to play who they like and introduce more “chaos” into the game over the singular ultimate-tennis teamfights that currently seem to define it. Maybe Blizz could give this a try as an Arcade mode?


IIRC a blue post stated they tested different team sizes a very long time ago and settled on 6v6. I wouldn’t mind trying 8v8 but the maps may be too small. We already have 3v3 in TDM.


they would need to rework everything, maybe in the arcade, but they would need to rework every single map, which probably won’t happen


Yeah, it was stated that 6 v 6 felt like the best way for everyone to feel like they’re contributing to the team (or something like that). 6 v 6 definitely seems ideal for competitive gameplay, but imo I think it’s less effective in QP where people are trying to have a good time but get shoehorned into pseudo-competitive gameplay regardless.


Or they could just make new maps for 8v8


And if people don’t like it? Then they’re stuck with big maps for modes hardly anyone plays. They could cut them down to make them fit 6v6 but then they’re wasting time.


Well there’s also CTF, FFA and Deathmatch only maps and I guarantee you that they’re being played less than the main maps but I don’t think they’re a waste.

I’ll still like to see some experimentation with bigger maps and team sizes.


Here is the quote from Game Director Jeff Kaplan about why the main game mode was made 6v6 and why we dont have a 8v8.



That’s the post I was referring to earlier. Good find.


Yep. I maintain a directory of all known developer posts from both the current and old forums, and as a forum MVP I have a good sense of the state of the game and the desires of the dev team in general.


so, goats with double sniper? or goats + pharmercy?

sounds like a nightmare to be honest

or adding a 4the support (ana/moira) and wrecking ball…

if anything i think going the other direction to 5vs5 would be a better idea. individual damage would count for more and you’d probably run a 1-3-1 2-2-1 or 1-2-2 comp


let me tell you how it works…if it wont make them money…, they won’t waste dev time…thats Activision now.


Good to know, thanks for the reply! It sounds like they’re open to experimenting with 8v8 in arcade, so hopefully they let us give it a go someday.


the maps are too small for 8v8