Those of you that drag games out, just stop

why swap in clearly lost games? if you didnt swap the entire first round after getting steamrolled then theres no point after. its almost like we need a forfeit button now, it seems like you could potentially turn games at any time in ow1 but now they seem so predictable.

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are you kidding?
Many “unwinnable” games have been turned 180 degrees just by the losing team making a few swaps

But then again you’re the guy who made the thread saying that you’d throw on tank if your team doesn’t dive the Zen… so yeah another troll for the block list


past metal ranks sure, otherwise stop acting like you’re a better player than you are that could change the game at any second. im talking about people waiting a whole round to swap last fight, try earlier…

No they need to get rid of swapping all together its made the game terrible in 5v5.

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i dont disagree, the game lacks skill to be considered competitive nowadays when skill floors max skill ceilings

i loose so many matches because of people like you

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If that’s how you feel or view it then you can leave the game. It’s the same as what you’re suggesting and would ACTUALLY help your team by letting them leave too

yeah but more often than not it feels like they make that vital swap with one second on the clock.

I agree if someone was clearly throwing in the first round I dont blame you for throwing in the next round. Unless its like koth where you can still come back from it. But if its payload and the other team caps with like 4 minutes its not really worth the effort to start trying at that point.

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referring to that. solo tank comp no group is the most hellacious game ive ever played in terms of teammates sh*ttalking.

My team is constantly useless, and the enemy always pick dive.

I’m always picking torb to unfun everyone else. You waste my time, I waste yours.