Those Bronze to Top500 Actions /High Elo Smurfs

I’m a little bit sad actually.
I have been browsing on Twich and I saw multiple high ranked people doing a “Bronze to Top500/GM” stream or just Streamers in general who are smurfing in a lower elo, I am not talking about masters (even tho masters is already low for them), I am talking about Plat, etc.

I get it. Que times are annoying for DPS players but creating one smurf after the last one got too hight and the Que times too long is also NOT an option.

I am just wondering why, around 1-2 years ago, some streamer did that. Popular and known streamers as well. But they all got their accounts banned.
Why not now when apparently so many high skilled players are doing it to avoid the long que times?
I get it, they have to entertain an audience and Blizzard farms money of those smurfs but…

I feel bad for the people who have to play against such a player.

What do you think? You are like; “Yeah, but it’s their job/ it’s okay” or are you like; “That’s not cool bro”.


The fact that smurfing is still allowed and openly tolerated by the Overwatch development team just means they care more about money than making competitive actually balanced with its MM.

Imagine if we allowed Major League baseball players to compete in Little League games.


Revert role queue so high elo players can actually play the game without waiting for 30+ minutes. Otherwise yeah, no sympathy from me.

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It’s not. Jeff Kaplan went on record like literally 3 years ago and said that any form of throwing or boosting to play at ranks the account doesn’t belong at is bannable.

I can do this all day (widow voiceline)
Esp. when you get money from the stream and acctual boosting probbably. Who will play this game if not get paid I don’t understand at all, when it is litteraly unplayable in gm since it is 60min q time for most popular role and just to play against 2x bariers broken meta.

It is an option, and u see how it works. And unfortunately this is the only way you can play this game after 2-2-2 patch, thx blizzard for killing our favourite game. Now gm starts in bronze ggs. I am doing the same and feel no shame about that, noone can judge player who wants to play the game instead of waiting. It is your time and your money. If they don’t adress the issue we will show them a way.

Oh no someone in competitive was presented with a challenge

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I understand why they’re doing it. Waiting in queue for such a long time in front of your viewers is boring. They need something. I don’t endorse it, either way any form of deranking whether it’s throwing or losing on purpose is punishable.

What Blizzard need to do is let me a low level player go into high rank game & ruin there games that would level put the playing field

You are scum if you smurf plain & simple You should be banned on all your accounts

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We’re talking GM players who smurf in Bronze. If you put a kid in a race against Usain Bolt, let him tauntingly run around them, and then end it all by posting it to a youtube account with thousands of subscribers…

You think the kid will be grateful for the challenge and taught how to be the next Bolt?

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Jeff says it’s 100% to go ahead and make a new account and i would somewhat agree with that if they are only doing quick play. But the moment they do competitive they are cheating the system.

I go back to my analogy of baseball. If you are some 2nd grader who is playing against other 2nd graders in little league and you are playing in a tournament/a game to compete seriously against and with other 2nd graders how would it be fair if a pitcher from the Giants or Dodgers would come on your/their team and be the new Pitcher?

It’s the same thing as a GM getting a new account and playing in Bronze.

Also, smurfing =/= Boosting/throwing according to

I think there are two separate concepts:

  1. Smurfing. I would define this as an experienced player buying a second account to reset their account progress and internal matchmaking rating (MMR)
  1. Boosting. This is behavior some players engage in in Competitive Play where one player is more skilled than their partner and attempts to “carry” the lower skilled player to a higher skill tier.

And funny enough he hasn’t explicitly stated anywhere from what I’ve seen that smurfing is banable.

Oh no the one trick dps mains have to wait a long time to play the game waaah.

No. Get over yourself and play in your proper ranks.

The game isn’t all about you, maybe help try coaching others to help them climb to the higher ranks so there are more players?

What kind of idiot thinks a Top 500 in a plat game is a “challenge”?


That’s just straight up unfair and should not even be a thing.
People are in the rank where they belong for a reason.
If you would be in bronze I hope you would have to face a Top500 DPS smurf. You probably have never been that stomped before.
They even stomp people in masters.
Can you imagine what they do in Bronze??
Especially LOW LOW bronze?

For the DPS to stop doing this they’d need actually bearable queue times. For them to get those queue times they need tank player. For them to get those tank players they need to fix the whole role or delete Sigma because almost nobody wants to play Sigma and the alternative to not playing him is losing the game. Even if you like playing Orisa you still don’t like playing her in Sigma/Orisa mirror matches so nobody wants to play Orisa either. So if the tank players’ choices are to play garbage heroes or to lose then they’d rather not play the game at all

So thanks for that Sigma release. Really good for their Halloween sales because so many players have quit the game at this point but will probably install again during the event and then they’ll have less credits so on average lootboxes should sell more :slight_smile:

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