This workshop looks cool & all by why cant we create maps on it?


Also if I understood right we cant create cosmetics on it either like skins, emotes, etc?

It feels bit odd to even have something like workshop if were just allowed to do somekind of gamemodes & such.


Because its not a map editor


But its a workshop right?

They couldve had something more to it than just these things imo.
Also I might not be the only one but I wouldve love to create new maps too with this.


They cant give us to mutch power at start, and i dont think they want it to. It supposed to be just custom mode games, but still you should buy lootboxes for cosmetic items :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess so : p

But 1 thing im not gonna do which is waste my money for some silly lootboxes cause I already have all the items from this game on my main account.
I have more important things to pay for irl.


Welp, good for you, i dont think i ever gona get them all, part because i dont wona play too mutch of it now :man_shrugging:

Welp, it depends on person, i got in past friend who would spend cash on stupid things in games that he could get after plaing like 1h but decided that he have cash from working so he can spend it insted


we can’t do that because people could create naughty skins and that’s a big no no. It would also make people buy less lootboxes.

Map creation is the same thing. Naughty bits everywhere.


that stuff may come, going from nothing really like this to full map creation capability in one patch was never going to happen. This is a great step but give it time.


You will get them some day I believe it ^^

But yeah I decided that its stupid to use money on games nor (to gambling to get just random duplicates or in csgo where you might never get your knife even as an example)
I’d rather spend my moneys for my hobby, bills, medication & such cause someday you notice that you dont have money left at all to anything.


That would have taken much much longer to create specially given that OW runs on a custom engine. would you rather have this now and have other stuff added to it later or nothing for ages and then eventually alot?


Dear God, there’s this game I play where they actually had to start suspending and removing custom designed items from the game after people started making nsfw things. OW would be no different.


But have it now? I thought it was only ptr yet?

I would love to have stuff faster in actual game like the things I said with this.

Specially that so promised replay system from like year ago. (Ik that were gonna get it after stage 2, hopefully. Like Jayne said something about it) but it still takes too long them to publish things.
Same with role que, better reporting system, more avoid slots, more heroes/maps per year, etc.


I’d add Blizzard are known for the level of polish in their games with features being basically finished when they are released with everything running smoothly and looking great. That does mean things often take longer than other developers but we get a lot in exchange.


rule 34 is why we can’t.


Jeff has expressed a desire to add a map creator in the past, but also added that it would take years to implement. The workshop might open up a possibility to speed that up a bit. A map creator/level design tool however is an entirely different beast though.


on the PTR basically means now dude its just to test for bugs.


Can you send the link where he said it?
But its already been 3 years though.

Is just silly to me how they give us workshop with only few things you can make & it doesnt make any sense to me.

I wouldve wanted more fixes to ranked like role que & such so imo this couldve waited a bit longer.



Other bliz games have map creation. Modded Warcraft with custom maps was how Dota (I think dota) came to be.


Overwatch maps can be pretty buggy. I think if we put a tree in a map devs would have to come and optimize it for us every time


Under “Game Features and Functions” > “General game features” you will find every post about a map editor from him in the forums. I do however vaguely remember him mentioning that it would take “years” in an interview though.