This week has been terrible for overwatch

-New pieces of lore, the ages and birthdays of characters, finally, only took 7 years. they ruined the stablished lore, nothing makes sense, sojourn 47, kiriko 21, my godness
-The long waited directors take about comp that even got delayed (3 paragraphs got delayed) says nothing about fixing comp, it actually says nothing at all
-Players have been complaining the whole year and aaron keller ignore every complain, but when a youtuber makes a video, he writtes an apologize
-No new competitive rewards, yet, maybe cancelled already
-Roadhog reword still no coming, mid patch of season 7, jesus, and they will make something very stupid and call it a rework, like brigitte
-Sombra rework still nothing
-And of course the new tutorials, i mean, hero mastery mode, crap mode, no worth playing, no rewards, no nothing, and even they couldnt deliver what they promised, only 3 characters at launch instead of 5
-There is no planned date to make more courses, the executive producer say it on twitter, he couldnt even promise more the next season


i would even say, thanks to this, the Lore of Overwatch finally collapsed, because those ages are just the Tip of the iceberg.


For you this was a soul crushing worst week of Overwatch. For us forum members and the devs it was Friday


Blizz forgor their own lore


Just out of curiosity, what about Sojourn and Kiriko’s ages doesn’t make sense?

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Kiriko apparently trained as a child with hanzo and genji…who are 16 and 19 years older than her…
Iirc she was about 5 in her orion story when this happened…so yeah its a little weird

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in the backstory video of kiriko theres a scene where hanzo, genji, and kiriko are training and there all kids. If we go buy this age theres no way they could have been childhood friends as genji would have been a full blown adult lol. Also messes up in game lore like voicelines since if we go by the ages none of those memories ever happened lol.


I am terrified. I would rather they just do not touch him anymore. He is tired of being fondled by these clowns. Just leave him alone, please.


Kiriko was already covert by Genestealer and WaifuLeaver

Regarding Sojourn:

in the same thread:

This is extremely pathetic and embarrassing.

Keller needs to go. It’s obvious the guy doesn’t care. Everything he puts up is meaningless mash of text that barely addresses any issues, filled with corporate double-talk and downright disrespecting the players.

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Let me guess:

  • It was in a really blank-looking room…
  • It was low-quality footage…
  • He wasn’t wearing any makeup…
  • He let out a heavy sigh at the beginning…
  • There was probably a dog or something too, wasn’t there?

lol what? no, the last director take, he talks about the video made by some dude i dont know complaining about comp, but he didnt say anything about fixing anything

That doesn’t sound like an apology at all. More like a tacit verbal middle finger.

My rational side says maybe he is just a scapegoat, he is the game director, he is responsible of the game, yes, but maybe is not his fault, he is only doing what executives say to do, he dont want to lose his job.
but then my most irrational side says no, this guy have all the fault, he is doing nothing, he is not fighitng for the game, and there has to be a lot of decisions he can make without bobby kotic blessing, he cant change monetization system but sure he can make better patches, zarya buff is an aprils fool patch, he has to leave, he is the worst person possible to be in charge, and my irrational side is winning

Yeah it finally clicked when I saw another post talking about it, man, what a way to eff up.

The only thing I could think of is that the Fox spirit might skew aging…but that’s kind of the responsibility of the creators to tell. Forgetting something that important is not a simple oopsie. So they legit just messed up hardcore.

LOL blizzard doesnt care about any aspect of this game unless it can contribute to profitability in some way…

ok maybe was not an apology, but still its so pathetic he has to talk about a random video to adress the problems in comp instead of listening the actual players, and more pathetic he basically says he will do nothing

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Why care too much about lore and specifics when you’re raking in all that sweet skin money? They strip the PVE and the lore with it so they can focus on monetary gains with PVP.

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OW2 was a flop and Team4 is being sunset.
Many of the workers are being moved over to that “unannounced survival game” (Odyssey?) project.

Seems they’re rounding up the last scraps of notes, lore, incomplete UI features and haphazard QoL brainstorms…backlogged over the years, getting them out the door before they’re lost forever.

We should be thanking them for these drips of backstory.
At least we get some kind of canon and closure before the studio folds.