This Torb: massive nerf


Geoff, dev team, please read this thread and reconsider before going live. From the Torb mains who want the best for him.


since their stated aim was to please the folks that current despise having a Torb on their team, and not Torb mains, I dont think that Torb mains will be listened to here.

I have little doubt that most current Torb mains will find a different character to main, since he just isnt the same guy anymore, and I dont think Blizzard will care - they are expecting (mostly) a new set of Torb mains who like the new set of powers/abilities, and are banking on this group being larger than the old set of Torb mains, who are few in number

I know I will be playing Torb a lot less, saving him for certain very specific situations


Me too cause there is no reason to play him besides facing goats, for everything else there is another dps avaiable who is just plain better/more effective/not so ez countered… its realy sad when you think about all the heroes that have been reworked/improved, almost all of them are in a way worser state then before .
It would have been the best if they did not touch the core of his kit, put in the rivet gun, targeting and autobuild buffs and maybe lower the dmg of the turret a bit as compensation and it would have been fine.


You know that they buffed every other part of Torb’s kit, right? Just because the turret doesn’t deploy instantly, doesn’t mean you can’t be impactful in-game without it. It was honestly more of a liability for Torb to set up than anything. I’m glad to see it auto-reload, even if it does have a construction time.


Cant speak for who you replied to, but no, I dont know that they buffed every part of Torb’s kit.

I look at the changes overall and I see a degradation in his overall ability


I personally haven’t tested the changes on PTR yet, but compared to how Torbjorn functions on live, these changes do appear to have a positive impact on how the hero is played (from what I have seen). To me, that’s a successful balancing change.

Also, since your post suggested that you don’t know too much into detail about the changes, allow me to provide this so you can decide for yourself:


Torb loses a 300 armor pool that he could draw from over time (and use to help his teammates) and a 300 armor burst that was his ultimate. The 150 armor from OL only lasts a few seconds and has one of the longer cooldowns in the game, so he can’t really depend on it to survive a fight that is longer than the 5 seconds that it’s up.

If I had a choice between Overload/Armor packs and Old MC/New MC on the current Torb chassis, I would absolutely pick armor and the old ult. The dumb, broken, and hilariously unbalanced option between those choices would be old MC and Overload to turn Torbjorn into one of the hardest hitting tempo-based characters in the game.

The baseline buffs like the changes to M1 and M2 along with turret tossing would have still made him extremely viable without having to remove armor and MC.

When I read the Torb changes on paper I was extremely happy about them, but in execution he’s been turned into a character with 5 seconds up-time and 12 seconds down-time.


I read the piece already, several times over.

what I meant (and stated poorly) is that no, it is not true that every part of Torb’s kit has been buffed


Hammond OP?
He is strong, no doubt- but have you seen what you can do to him as torb?
Im using these hamsters, if they appear, as ultimatebattery that even comes to me because they try to kill my turretcamp.

Its insane, if they dont retreat immediatly after stomping on the ground, they are dead!

I do aggree that torb is borderline OP thought, we have to see how he plays out in a more controlled enviroment- currently im just playing him with either orisa and no heal or massivly lacking heal.

in live QP i would flex, but im in the PTR to test the shiny new stuff :slight_smile:


The Torb changes look like they could be good but they still require him to babysit his turret to an extent if he wants to keep it alive. Might be better if they converted the turret’s total health from 250 health to 50 health and 200 shields and just got rid of the hammer altogether. Just throwing the idea out there as long as were brainstorming. What do you guys think?


Torb is dead. Nobody will choose him for comp or qp with this build. He can’t counter Parrah. His CDs are way too long. Since his turret is always firing, so it’s always in combat, the “shorter” never kicks in when torb kills the turret.


The shorter CD is intended to be for repositioning the turret when you’re on Defense, before the doors open up. Say, when you’re trying to fling it up on top of a specific ledge and you miss.

But, its a moot point because I would never use this Torb on defense now that he lost Level 3, original Molten Core and 50 HP off of Level 2.


The new Torb is way stronger. This is a massive buff.


@Lumin, How are these changes a buff?

Sorry can’t find the quote button.


Overall the new Torb doesn’t look bad. Sucks that he loses armor packs but it will be really nice to finally be able to command your turret to hit a specific target “as long as your able to hit that target at least once”. I don’t know about other players but generally I used the Old Molten Core for self buffing/survival 90% of the time and having the old ability as a regular one would be quite nice. A faster projectile speed on his primary was needed too. And the Lava spray ult looks like it could be quite fun to use if you manage to sneak up on some grouped up players :smile:


I’m massively bummed he loses armor packs. Chucking armor at teammates in a way that would make Aaron Rodgers leave Danica Patrick for me is something I’m going to miss. I’d rather take the armor packs providing less armor (25 as opposed to 75), or SOMETHING, because it takes away a core mechanic of his that made playing him fun (at least for me).


His gun is better. Tighter spread, faster, better reload.

His turret despite having 50 less health is way better. It’s faster to deploy, can be deployed in better spots, and tracks with you for instant focus fire.

Overload is basically an ult on E. It’s not as powerful as old molten core, but it is super strong. It’s way better than armor packs.

His new ult is being severely underrated. It’s the strongest area denial ult in the game and could prevent / kill enough pushes to carry a game. It’s a game changer.

Torb is going to be meta. He’s much stronger now.


The turret CD is too long 10 seconds in a game, especially in a fire fight is way too long. It’s like he’s missing an arm with that long CD. Also, with the less turret health he can’t counter Parrah like he could. Parrah can 1 shot the turret now.


It’s still 250. Pharah would need 2 direct hits and a 3rd with splash damage to kill it. There’s no one shotting it.

The 10 seconds is only if it is destroyed. It is long, but you can deploy a level 2 turret under fire. Throw it behind the guy you are fighting and attack from 2 angles. I wouldn’t trade back for the old turret.


Destroyed by Torb (if turret is in combat or firing) or destroyed by an enemy, it’s still 10 seconds. And maybe 1 shot was too strong, but if there’s any damage to the turret it’s gone and very easily by Parrah.