This SR system NEEDS to change. I can't climb

Remember that Diamond and higher tiers only contribute to the top 10% of the ranks, as such, it does take as much as a 60% win rate to even maintain your ranks as you will start to earn less SR and lose more SR when you win and lose respectively.

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I need a 60% just to grind through Diamond? Isn’t that… excessive? I’m not a GM. What is GM? 80%?

Also Diamond and above no longer has personal based SR gains/losses right?

How does this work exactly? is it based on how your team performs? is it a flat number?

Currently I gain 27 SR for wins and lose 14 SR for losses. It sounds like it will be a huge change once I reach there.

This SR sh1t confuses the hell out of me.

On one hand, we have wild variables that decide your win rate. We have players who will make smurfs that shoot to high ranks while their main is actually stuck ~1000 SR lower. It’s totally clear to me that the SR system is broken in that regard.

And yet, the super pros and the bronzes are clearly disparate. It’s not like a bronze player tries to prove himself in 1v1s vs pros and ends up winning. Calvin can get multiple accounts into the top 500 no problem. We never hear of a pro team hiring a player out of silver because SR was lying about his skill.


Correct. That’s why it’s even more irritating

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I said as much as 60% but yeah it is hard but that is how the upper ranks are suppose to be. Its complicated and I don’t have direct experience myself, but I am very observant of the rules and system. There is a very good guide here on the forums that explains the details of SR adjustments and how they work:

Welcome to Diamond and above. You’ve accomplished the goal of being good enough at Overwatch to out perform other players. That’s not good enough anymore. It’s time to git gud.

There’s a reason performance based SR is no longer enabled past Diamond. Once you’re up in these ranks it’s entirely based on being able to coordinate with your team and pull of a victory rather than your own dumb luck of carrying yourself.

How do you progress farther, you might ask? Be a better team player. Manage your ult economy. Know where you need to be and what your team needs you to do. Learn how to shot call! Be a generally pleasant guy (and/or gal) and get your team to work well together.

Basically, Diamond and above, it’s not your SR that you’re trying to improve. Those five other people you’re playing with are no longer just obstacles for you to climb.


I maintained about a 70% win rate on my alt account and never got higher than 3450, that’s just how it is. Climbing into the higher ranks is supposed to be hard.

That makes sense but like I said earlier… previous seasons I’ve held low Diamond numbers with a 50% win rate. This season I’m actually winning MORE games. You would think that I would climb more since PBSR was removed while I’m winning more but it’s even harder. It’s like I need an absurdly high winrate to actually climb

The high SR debuff doesn’t hit till 4000+ I believe. In low diamond, at 50%+ win rate should be enough to climb. However, Deprece has spent a lot of time below 3000 (, where performance metrics still exist. I’m guessing that his stats are low, and this is what is holding him back.

However, Good News Everyone!

Deprece, once you can stay above 3000, this performance modifier is gone. Wins and losses are all that matter, and the problem you are seeing should not exist. Just stay above 3000.

Here is the thing then. If that’s the case then why aren’t people at higher ranks than us falling rapidly when they lose lots of games? It isn’t like they can perform well and bail themselves out like before right?

Stop looking at the number. It’s a feel-good thing to say I have a big shiny icon (and dang if GM ain’t sparkly). Focus on winning your games if that’s what’s important to you. Although focusing on enjoying your games might be something people should look into.

Your rank will fluxuate drastically with time. You’ll have good days and bad days, but if you belong at a certain rank, you’ll average about there. The SR system isn’t broken. Blaming others for your problems just makes it harder for you to improve yourself as a player. Blaming the system is no different.

The system desperately needs to be tweaked and looked at. They need to get rid of placement matches entirely and have people work up ranks on new accounts and also add some kind of reward system to reward good behavior.

My stats aren’t low though. You can see that when you look at my stats. Also, this was still happening when I was at 3300. I had close to the same win rate at 3300 and yet I dropped down to 2900. That makes no sense.

I’m sorry to say, but good boy points don’t mean you’re better at the game.

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Are you grouping with anyone? Did you write down your SR after every match? Overbuff only updates when you log out, so it misses snapshot.

I just want answers. If I know I have to have a 60% win rate to climb then I’ll just have to do it. There is also a complete lack of consistency as well. I normally never blame the system or players but this is the first time I feel that something is off.

I’m just going to go ahead and state that you don’t actually have a 60% win rate. I gain and lose 18-24 SR per win/loss, and generally it’s pretty consistent.

That’s obviously not my point. The purpose for “good boy points” is to prevent trolling and throwers because avoiding players for 7 days isn’t fixing the issue.

The sr system is fairly broken in my opinion.
I’ll expllain when I’m on my pc