This season ends on sep 1st, ow2 launches in October

so uhh, whats happening for the month in-between?

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What did you expect to happen?

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4 horsemen and a trumpet solo


what did I expect to happen? literally anything other than a month of no ranked since you know, e sports title and all that.

Gives us time to complain about things that don’t matter very much


im really not sure what you’re trying to say here

I think he’s trying to say that it doesn’t matter very much.

what doesnt matter very much though?
I asked whats going to happen, i didnt complain about anything.

Nothing is going to happen.

Maybe OW2 Open Beta.

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I guess we wait and see if Blizz lets us know but at this time, we don’t know what will happen in that time period.

Maybe beta testing the new comp system for a month in OW2? Bit like we had with RQ.

Did they say that there is no season in between?

No but since ow is being merged with ow2, it just doesn’t match up wither their 3ish month seasons.

There will be another, 1 month long season.

The Overwatch universe will temporarily cease to exist, of course.

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The relevant part of that post is at the end:

We’ve included a projected 2022 calendar of season start dates below!

Start Date (PDT)
Season 36 Sept 1, 2022

Doesn’t talk about an end date.