This PTR will balance out dps category


Facts. I am dropping Widow, Ashe, McCree and Hanzo to focus on Reaper. One less sniper to worry about. But you are still getting eviscerated. Oh, and GG Hog, hope you had fun countering your counter for the second time, but just as before… times are a changing.


This PTR patch benefits hog too. His shotgun won’t be a confetti blaster against an armored target. And Defense matrix is up less often to ruin his hooks.


Yeah but who’s gonna tank anymore anyway lol? Reaper will still be as useless as ever :joy:


Hog actually profits from this as his shotgun becomes also more potent against other tanks.


I have no problem with that. I have a problem with the fact that if you want to win the MU, you basically have to trade. Now he correctly counters Hog again. I want Hog to be good so that I can heal, trust me. I just do not want him to be the better shotgun user. Lul.


With a good right click>hook> left click> melee combo you will still be able to outplay Reaper though. But yeah, Hog’s going to have a hard time if he can’t confirm the kill early.


Wrong roadhogs Max damage per pellet is 6 meaning armour will still half his damage same with tracer and winston.


But a large portion of those pellets are headshots.


Shotguns can crit too.


And that is fair. I do not mind that. All I can say is that I am super happy, fam. I just wanted to win the match-up. Not be invincible. Albeit, they sort of gave me that anyways. OMG this is so good.


Can someone show me patch notes please?



Bullcrap. Won’t make Widow any less of the instant pick that 10% of the playerbase jumps onto.


Ehhh…i’m not convinced.
Part of the reason burst damage heroes are so popular is because sustained damage heroes can just be healed through.
The armour change is a step in the right direction, but until something happens regarding healing burst DPS are still going to be favoured over others.

Also please tell me this wasn’t the “little surprise”, because right now Blizzard aren’t really in a good position for “little” surprises.


Roadhog average crit according overbuff 12.7% will be a insignificant buff at most. Mostly soldier is affected


reaper will get s hit on by the snipers that is going to emerge


That’s not taking suppressive fire and barrier busting into account.
That’s 12.7% stat is meaningless.


You guys think that lack of anybody to dive snipers that snipers would become less prevalent? Somebody needs to kill that reaper from afar because going anywhere near him is suicidal now.


They don’t need to be forced, pretty much everyone loves playing them as all QP players know.


Mccrees flashbang is the answer to reaper