This PTR is badly, incredibly broken

No Hanzo nerfs. Seems like a bad patch to me.


But he is so balanced, good at close mid and long range. No , his perfect at all ranges.

This is normal for every other hero

Did they not ? Seriously ? :laughing:

Here’s the only adjustment they’ve made to Hanzo in this patch.

Apparently, a sound effect playing properly is more important than feedback from a vast majority of their playerbase, including the professional players in Blizzard’s own bloody league, as well as stats from several weeks of this nonsense.


I will say that Hanzo is closer to being balanced than I have ever known him to be. Always in the past he has been either drastically over or under powered. But, yeah he’s over still.

But the Hanzo / Zarya combo is the thing that makes an otherwise just slightly over powered hero turn into a game breaking / not fun to face hero. Like clockwork, one teams tries their hearts out to fight off the enemy, then Zarya pops the ult followed instantly by a Hanzo ult and wipes them out instantly with little to no way of doing anything. The Hanzo and Zarya team literally just has to buy time waiting for that ult combo.

Completely senseless that Blizzard does not realize they need to do something about this.

and has scouting abilities and has insane mobility with wall climb and his disengage and has a very good ultimate. whats his weakness again?