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If you think that OW lootboxes are gambling, that the corporation laying off excessive personnel, focusing those resources on their primary objectives that the customers also agree on and don’t understand that they still didn’t meet estimated growth which is not a good sign in the corporate world, maybe it’s better that you stay away from them anyway :slight_smile:


I encourage you to try, of course, but I doubt you’ll have much luck with that in the AAA games industry.

Join a good indie company if you want to make games, and actually care. It’s time for a change of guard.


Probably because other companies like EA or AAA companies have better pay.

Also, since there really is no other project going on in CDPR aside from Cyberpunk, and its probably finished, they most likely want to go work on other projects. Because other than Cyberpunk, we dont rreally know what other games they are working on behind the scenes.


Could be worse. My country has low salary, average cost of living and the biggest VAT and other taxes overall.

But if anything else, learning polish to work at Projekt Red is hard tho.


Which is also different from net profit.


I have to agree; for years I heard about how ‘amazing’ Blizzard was. That they were the best game developers on scene right now. But after the recent job cuts?

Perhaps it is all Activisions doings, sure, but Blizzard is making the same mistake Bungie made after they ditched Microsoft for PlayStation. They are letting Activision run their show; Destiny suffered for this and so now too does Overwatch and most likely every other game Activision has say in (which is probably every game Blizzard has made and has yet to make…).

I washed my hands of anything Activision years ago when it was more than obvious the only thing Activision cares about is filling their pockets with everyone else’s hard earned cash.


A lot of other companies in other industries have. Not all companies are bad. And not all companies are out for pure profit and no concern for their employees. There are employment laws and unions against this. But like any business net profit is one goal.

We mustn’t assume his opinion, your opinion, our opinion is reflective of everyone’s.

I know plenty of people who filled their cars up with Exxon gas the day after the tanker spilled.

I know plenty of people who still use and work for Facebook, Amazon, Bank of America.

It’s important to be and do you (not you in particular). But it’s also important to throw realism into the picture to balance your ideals with what’s happening in the real world so that you may affect it even more effectively.


Glad I don’t work where you work, sounds toxic. Happy to say I don’t need to spend my time at work looking over my shoulder like that.


Maybe you should blame the original owners for selling out and not the group that is trying to manage it now?


Wait…isn’t that cultural appropriation???

This is outrageous…I must inform Twitter and Tumblr of this evil outrage!


It’s weaboo glorification.

There are plenty of social entrepreneurs across the world.

That is merely showing a willingness to be exploited.
Plenty of companies expect it to be the standard due to your behaviour, destroying worker-friendly jobs in the process.

There are reasons why certain regulations exist in certain countries.
They exist so you dont screw each other over important health-/dignity-standards.

Do your job, do it well and leave.
The only boss who deserves more is someone who is actually giving you something more than expected.
It’s called loyalty and that is earned.

Ofc. there’s a certain paygrade which I’d assume means people are doing super-human work, because they apparently “create so much value” that totally justifies giving them a wage that is the equivalent of 5000 workers.

I guess when you’re one of those, you may gladly work over-time, since youre working 40.000 hours a day apparently.


Please, if this isn’t you pretending to be someone ignorant as a joke, look up cultural appropriation.


So you mean like damn near every other video game company out there? lol, oh and seeing as loot boxes have no monetary value and said items in loot boxes can be obtained another way it is not gambling and it is just cosmetic items and does not impact the game so if people have poor impulse control and have an “I want it now” attitude towards cosmetic items (that they will barely see) that is their issue.


It’s mostly the “greed is good” sub-culture of capitalism which is to blame. I’m squarely in the camp of humane-centered capitalism.


Bravo to you, me, and others who feel the same about humanity.

But you have to ask why the original owners sold the company or game? Why did Vivendi merge with Activision? Why did they make a decision to create loot boxes? These are business decisions based upon the business that pays for salaries, health insurance, donuts, etc. The business that gives everyone a living. If businesses made no money, there wouldn’t be business. There wouldn’t be jobs. If you ask businesses to make just enough to cover salaries, there would be no bonuses. No advancement. And no way to compete in the world.

You are making assumptions about the decisions made long ago and not considering the difficult decisions some have had to make since then. The executives of 10 years ago aren’t the same ones today bad or good. But often, just like in political parties, the next person might have to make these tough calls to clean up a mess made by the previous decision makers.

I am not defending the laying off of people as an act. It’s never nice to lose a job. I am merely proposing that we understand the nature of business (to provide the world with a service or good, to earn money to keep doing it (and maybe advance and improve) and pay the people who help provide the goods and services, of the nature of the gaming industry, and that if Activision Blizzard wanted to be the evilness as portrayed they wouldn’t have bothered to provide severance and job advisory.


I suggest you look at current capitalist thought regarding the issue. It is hardly as black-and-white as you think.


You’re absolutely, correct. None of it is in any business. Therefore, it’s hard for me to understand how you, and others, know for sure the actions and decisions being made are only and exclusively about greed?

Additionally, a lot of people have been forwarding their personal opinions related to humanity. I think it’s awesome. But like I said in another post, layoffs aren’t new. No business is immune to commerce and the bad sides of capitalism.


Why not? The current narratives regarding ATVI points in that direction.


You should tell most businesses that as their motto is more like “I have power how can I use it to get more while not giving a poop about everyone else”. Corps don’t exist in a vacuum, they keep sucking away the environment that supports them and they will land themselves in hot water too. So they just do it slow and hope no one notices and that someone else takes up the banner for anything righteous or good. Because people like us make excuses for them and don’t hold their feet to the fire when we very well should.

The amount of empathy I have, or anyone should have, for a CFO leaving a company while layoffs happen and getting $13 mil for it is exactly zero. They are the enemy not someone to have compassion for. They’ve already shown their true character.


Listen, I’m not going to try to change your opinion and principles, morals, or what have you. Please know this. It’s not my goal.

I’ll just say unless you were in the meeting to make the decision to lay off people, your supposition developed off of narratives that aren’t conclusive aren’t the whole picture and can’t be claimed as such.

Let me just remind at this moment, since I’ve seen a lot of misinterpretation: The $8 billion in revenue was not “take home” pocketed money for Activision Blizzard (and don’t forget, it’s for all franchises and games across the board, NOT just Overwatch).

The net profit for Activistion Blizzard was $500 million after corporate taxes, salaries, donuts, pencils, computers, banners, insurance, rent, advertising, developers, marketing people, travel expenses…