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They’ve also only made one good game (2 if card games count).

Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan.


you could try one of microsoft’s studios, maybe a zenimax one, you also got take two interactive, they got a couple of studios you can try, oh and ea. i mean, come on, might as well send resumes everywhere, and just try and land a job to at least get some experience


i mean, lets be honest, in many peoples eyes, bungie only had one really good game, and so did Epic Games (well at least that i can remember, so many more)


I wish I liked Nintendo’s games more. I’ve always enjoyed fantasy games and games with a story.

That said, Nintendo’s doing something right because they’re still chugging along with good steady franchises and innovations.


I looked at the financial statements, and it’s earnings, which is bottom-line, not revenue, which is top-line.

Which means, yes, Blizzard were firing their staff while shareholders were earning a lot of money.


Blizzard is a company for making money. Blizzard is not your friend. You need to do what is best for you and your family.


I like Blizzard best when Michael Morhaime was still at its helm.


Sooooo like 2007? (thats when they sold their soul to c£%$tivison)


I’ll keep this short because we’re all busy.

Major incompatibility aside,
I have zero interest in moving to any of those: USA, California, Irvine.

I’m shorter.

More seriously - we yet to see the annual report and stuff.
Probably if it was me, I’d fire them too if what we know today (And we know very little!) is true - company is overfilled with people who not working in game dev. In other words, they suck money but do not make them.
Activision Blizzard is not a pension fund after all.

So the truth is somewhere in between, as always.


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If this was downsizing because of failed financial performance, I can understand it – which it isn’t. This is the usual takeover of men in suits when the game creators who founded and expanded the company got bought out. Kinda sad, really.


And? The American offices still support in games development.

To OP: I’ve heard Square Enix is pretty good too, Most Japanese developer’s are better to their workers compared to most US devs. Hence the push for unionization in the gaming industry. (which is a terrible idea)


I mean good luck getting a job? They just cut half there extra staff lol they wouldnt take you anyway


Record revenue isn’t the same as record profit. If you spend all of your revenue on payroll, then you are bloated and need to pare back.


Good choice, I wouldn’t step even close to activision, you would have to pay me to work for them😵


Dude you dont work in blizzard unless you pay UNDER THE WATER over 12k - 15k USD as entry ticket to the human resources people lol.

Dont dream “Free” blizzard will give you a job

Any Low rank job is 12k-15k USD entry ticket
Programer around 50k - 60k USD
3D Artist can be as high 80k - 100k USD

LOL. So start save the money before you even consider applying to a big company is not only in blizzard all the big companies sell the spots.


Someone with zero real world experience hired fresh out of college at Google gets a package worth about 125k. More if you include their stock options. A senior dev at google can make as much as 1 mil a year.

Blizz sucks for paying their workers, or even caring for them it seems. That has a severe effect on who wants to work there. A programmer can make more freelancing than 60k, fresh out of college with no experience. And they can do it from home in their undies. Granted that takes other skill sets, such as managing your own business and selling your services well, but still.

I have several years exp as a full stack developer. I wouldn’t work for Blizz. You have to move somewhere where the cost of living is enormous and be paid at best like 70k? I feel you could have as much take home pay living somewhere cheap and making 40k and that’s sad.


Actually if you dont know first the “CONTACT” that will ask you for the money you can’t even start. Going with the 125k USD to pay directly to human resources will get you kicked, reported and banned of a lot of companies.

First you need get the contact inside of blizzard.
Second the dude will tell you the prices for EACH spot
Third you pay the person then he make the lol fakejobinterview to you and get you there.

Of course you can recover the inversion in 4 - 6 months but the corruption EXIST and is there.

The only way you can get a job free is if you are lets say a programer/3D artist with 1M-2M followers on your “social-networks” you have an EXCELLENT social skills and you are a GENIOUS on your area. Then blizzard or other company will be the ones looking for you directly offering the job


I know how hiring works a lot of the time.

But the thing is, that’s not what people are really talking about. They’re talking about how workers are disposable and get paid less than they are worth because they take advantage of the fact people want to work for a game company. On top of that they are located in a high cost of living area. That’s why there’s people living in communes that work for blizz, and even they get kicked to the curb with this huge layoff wave.

Also your ability to negotiate your rate is a very valid skill.


It’s not the 1800’s anymore dude, Japan now is massively influenced by the cultures and ideas of the West.


Recently though, a lot of their leads have been leaving which suggests Cyberpunk is near finished. Though it does beg the question, why leave CDPR when its one of the most loved companies in the business?