This phone problem's actually a big deal

True, but they haven’t said anything about adding it there, and only said they’re straight up removing it from the game. Right now, I’d be a wild leap to say “it could be in Arcade.”

They are. Some of us liked 2CP, and yet they glee fully told us “Get stuff, you’ll take less content and like it”. These are the same people who complain about Overwatch having a shortage of content, too.

There’s several things I don’t like in games. I think rusing with a shotgun is lame in any game with shotguns. Yet, I wouldn’t play Gears of War and say “The shotgun is making my experience worse. Nerf it so I don’t have to deal with it”.

At best, I’d ask for a mode where the shotgun isn’t so strong. Its literally made my gameplay experience worse because I have less content in my game, and I liked 2CP. What now, I’m just supposed to take the L?


It’s not that wild a leap, they’ve said it might be in the arcade multiple times in the past.

The general idea was “100% in custom games, possibly in arcade and even quickplay”

No, they’re not. You’re calling people stupid for not caring about the things that you care about.


i mean, they deleted 2 tanks because they didn’t want to balance something they designed the game with. they made brigette. the overwatch team is the symbol of incompetence when it comes to balance, and i have no reason to assume they won’t do it again


I tried to add a phone number in I keep getting please enter a post paid phone number and my phone is a prepaid I’m and i cant access ow1 cause of this. This is the worst thing ever man…


Yea, this is huge. I have like 4 OW accounts too with my phone plan also from Cricket Wireless, and I have 3 other members on the plan. I thought I could at least play my main, but I guess not. Bought the stupid OW2 package before the announcement, too. I need a refund for this package


Exactly. I really do miss Horizon T_T. And enough people DO like the variety for it to be worth it to keep the option available for those who want it.
Definitely, if I wanted to go through the trouble of gathering a group of friends we would play something else too.


TBF, I’m calling people stupid in a practical sense. They said “remove this content”, they got the content removed and said “Yay!”, then they said “Where’s all the content? Can you believe we’re not getting content?”. Again, I’m not joking with that, and I think you can see where I’ve been posting, so if you nose around a bit on my account, you can see me calling people out on this.

Anyway, its not really about if I care or not. How can I say its a smart thing to ask for the removal of content over something like “Please allow me to opt out of this mode”, or something? Instead, people are settling for less. Literally. And then they’re acting smug when they get less.

Sorry, but that doesn’t seem very smart to me.

They also took tanks and then said “What if we didn’t make them tanky?”, so I honestly don’t know what’s going on here at this point. I have to be honest when I say Overwatch has been a back to back hit of questionable design choices.

I legitimately think we’re just going to catch an L on this. However, they have to change things if enough of us complain, right?


if you have a phone number connected to your account already does that mean you can play? even if the phone number is prepaid?

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If they were able to opt out, they’d still be getting less content and so “settling for less” regardless. For now people are just happy they don’t have to play the mode that has worsened their experience for many years, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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If I were you I would open a technical support ticket (top right by user name click support, then click technical on the following page, and then contact support)

Yeah, but WE wouldn’t. WE would still be able to play what we like. Do you not see the difference?

There’s plenty wrong with that. I’m directly effecting by their choice, and I’m literally entitled to mention that.

You know, I really do like Paris. I think it was legitimately misunderstood; I’d see complaints like “OMG, what am I supposed to do? The defending side is all standing on that raised platform and I die when I try to fight them!”

The answer was literally “Hold W and let your tank take most of the damage”. People didn’t seem to understand that, if you run to the point, they have to get off of their advantage perch thing.

Does that work? I’ve been hearing talk of that not mattering much.


Hopefully they don’t do re-verification. I’m in the same situation


I’m not sure about on this issue but I have used it in the past and gotten the help i need. It never hurts to try and only takes you a couple minutes

time to change to UnluckyDucky13


I liked Paris too, but for different reasons. I almost exclusively play Mystery, so that choke was more brutal, lol. But the challenge was fun and just a little painful.


There is nothing wrong with people being happy that they don’t have to play the mode that has worsened their experience for many years, no.


Theres a difference between choosing to not play for yourself, and to take the option away entirely for others.


Okay? Doesn’t detract from what I said.

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Youre defending people taking options away from others.

I hate payload maps, lets get rid of em.


Read. I’m defending people celebrating about not having to play a mode that has worsened their experience for many years.

You’re trying to tell people to stop being happy because your experience is worse.