This pharah nerf


You really flipped that on its head, didn’t you?

The point of the post that was responded too was that I understand how projectiles create inconsistencies with accuracies.

The fact that you are responding the way you are shows that you aren’t event trying to have a two way conversation or understand my points.

The response given also ignores every discussion point I brought up for the balance change and really deflated this whole conversation.

I never said, “git gud” and you know it. I pointed out that it rewards a different playstyle andnif you want that reward you have to adapt to that playstyle.

It’s also already been stated that he is not the #1 Pharah. Why are so many valid points just being blown off?

That doesn’t solve the initial problem worth Pharah, it’s just a random buff. If you are adding the splash damage changes, it is in turn a HUGE nerf.


Wow the #1 Pharah?! :open_mouth: you don’t say!

he should be getting a call from the President any moment now!


it’s a nerf for people who can’t aim with pharah and play her only for splash damage

it’s a buff for people who can consistently hit direct shots with pharah, so all they got from this change is faster fire rate


This has no purpose being here and is somewhat rude but, I still laughed.


She still does the same damage and projectiles don’t travel faster.

The only buff is against stationary targets, no aim involved.


Players who play her only for splash damage will get less value out of their playstyle. Someone who can consistently hit direct shots will remain unaffected by the damage changes, they’ll just shoot faster.

nerf for bad players, buff for good players


Attack speed increase means that she shoots faster, not that the rocket travels faster.

Any1 that gets hit by more than one Pharah rocket is either totally oblivious or a Bastion in sentry mode.


i said nothing about better rocket travel time


Which post were you responding to that I quoted ?
Was it mine or someone elses ?

It doesn’t actually show…


Its not just that.

Like this isnt a scenario like when Surefour said “just shoot the doomfist lul”

Valkia has an actual explanation as to why the areas of her kit that were buffed, dont impact her gameplay much, and the areas that they nerfed, actual nerfs.

+1 = buff (‘buff’ conc cooldown, knockback)
-1 = nerf (Damage)
0 = unimpactful (Conc cooldown, knockback)

0 + (-1) = -1 net nerf.


…you are bad at math




The purpose is to show that just because someone is good at a hero doesn’t mean they are always right in terms of balancing




Pharah isn’t a sniper, so no.


So what if it’s a nerf. She’s one of the easiest heroes to play with such a high reward. It’s not hard to aim with her considering her generous splash damage, now you just have to actually hit your shots. Stop complaining.


When all you do it talk about other stuff for 9 minutes and then 1 minute about the nerf just to get to that 10 minute mark to double the AD revenue.


Hey there bud, that’s a mean thing to do to console players and my feelings are now hurt. I know PC Master Race is a thing, but please.


Rate of Fire increases will have little to no impact on her damage output. Her previous rate of fire was not the obstacle, it was lining up accurate hits on a moving target at distance.

Blizzard heavily nerfed long distance on Pharah, while buffing short range diving Pharah. The combination of several buffs to her ranged counters, redistribution to her damage at range, and speed changes are going to change how good Pharahs will play. Poking at range was never a good strategy but more a way to generate ult charge. Now it is a death sentence.


Omg “I have to aim and hit my shots. Its a nerf”… What a freaking joke. No wonder this guy is made a mockery of in the community