This might be a hot take

But why should long ranged heroes have more than 150-175 hp?

For example, heroes like Cassidy, Ashe, Widow, Soldier, Hanzo, Sojourn etc…

These heroes thrive more obviously at long ranges than they do close, so is there a reason why they need to have more than 150-175 hp?

I have always thought about this even during OW1 days as to why they need more than 150-175 hp.


Depends. Cassidy isn’t really a “long range” hero. He’s meant to be a close range anti flank.

Hanzo can deal damage from range, but he isn’t really a long range hero


Because it’s not hard to close the distance (Except maybe against Widow who is wayyyyy back) and unless you have the hitbox, mobility & HP reset that Tracer has at 150hp they would be garbage.

Widow is the only real “long range hero” in the game, Ashe is the closest after that, Hanzo’s arrows are too slow to be consistent at long range

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you’re complaining about long range heroes but you listed alot of mid range heroes. im confused.

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